Forty-Eight: Sexual Rewards †

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"Do your Psychology work," begged Jason. "Have you at least started it?"

"Of course I've started it!" I exploded, reaching up and grasping my head. This whole thing was agitating me. I was sat on my bed, cross-legged with Jason opposite me, leaning back against the chest of drawers. I was near the pillows. Bubbles was back in Jason's room since I took him there this morning. My Psychology work divided up us since it was in a straight line in the middle, facing me. "I've done the quiz and I've even checked my answers, I know I've done better than last time."

"So you need to do the report."

"It's a minimum of five pages, Jason," I groaned, running my hands down so my face was in my palms. "It's too much. I have to finish it by tomorrow."

"If I can do fifty, you can do a measly five. Now, start it and I'll check over your quiz again, okay?"

Johanna had thankfully gone down to the library to study today which meant it was just Jason and I in my room. I didn't mind; not only did it give us some alone time, it also gave us an excuse to do some work. Well, mainly me. Jason was merely attempting to help and sometimes it worked, but it was also stressing me out more.

"Fine," I grumbled, defeated as I brought forward my notepad.

With my original report in my lap, I was checking over bits that were done well that I could just rewrite but also the bits I needed to improve. He did make some adjustments, too telling me to explain and expand.

It was ten minutes later when I had barely finished my first four sentences. Jason was half way through checking over my quiz when he was observing me, his eyebrows raised. When I looked up, he was looking directly at me, a small smile on his lips.

"How about," he began, "with every paragraph you do, you'll get a kiss and with every page you finish, you get a little bit more." He winked suggestively and my stomach bubbled with anticipation. "And when you've finished, there's a bigger surprise in store. You said you weren't afraid to break."

"Okay," I agreed, my voice trembling and giving away my weakness, cheeks flushing bright scarlet.

Jason smirked and bowed his head, immersing himself in the quiz. I emulated his conduct and in the next fifteen minutes, I have finished my first paragraph (hopefully to the best of my ability) and I flashed it in front of Jason for him to examine it. He also promised to check over my report when I was finished, too.

"The first paragraph is done?" It was just over half a page.

"Yes," I replied.

I put the report down to the side of me and leant forwards on my hands and knees. I brought one hand up to Jason's cheek, just as we were about to lean in when our lips met. His hands found my hips and they moved down as our lips and tongues moved simultaneously. His hands gripped my ass and abruptly, I was lifted off the bed until I fell down in Jason's cross-legged lap. I wrapped my legs around his waist slightly before continuing the kiss. A minute later, Jason pulled back.

"Next paragraph to do," he whispered tantalisingly.

My cheeks were warming up as I moved back onto the other side of the bed. When I had about three quarters of the next paragraph done, Jason announced that he had finished checking over my quiz and he thought that I was going to ace it. He only had a few ones which were wrong (according to the Internet on his phone). I altered them before continuing with the paragraph. Soon enough, I was finished. I was still under a page though.

"You're a little short on a page, but you've done another paragraph," he articulated.

This time, he leaned forwards and although this kiss – with our positions - wasn't as close as the last time, it was still as equally good. He pulled back at about the same time and began to play on diverse apps on his phone. He was muttering to himself so that's how I knew.

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