Six: An Open Door †

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The week had passed by and I hadn't as much progressed with the psychology project.

Actually, tell a lie, I hadn't even started. I could also tell by the weary eyes that most of my class hadn't started and also had not the faintest idea on what they were going to do it about. But we had to do the whole shebang: presentation, poster, slideshow, facts etc. The list was endless.

It was about half seven in the evening now and I was ambling towards the changing rooms. Coach Kate had told us on the first lesson she'd put the team lists in there and she hadn't done it since. She's had all week to put them up and now she should have done by now.

I entered the changing rooms, carefully opening the door in case someone was on the other side. Conversely, no one was on the other side and as a substitute, it was completely vacant.

The list was on the door to the athletic ground and I detected it as soon as I walked in. The resonance of the closing door echoed around the room as I sauntered up to the list.

I gazed down at the list of short-distance sprinters list to thankfully not see my name. I moved onto the long-distance and I instantaneously spied my name right at the top for number one. I felt a surge of elation dash through my body, a smile curving at my lips.

There were also a few other teams like hurdles but you had to sign up for trials for that and some people already had.

Smiling still, I turned around on my heels and marched out of the changing rooms, only to bump into someone as I had turned around to close the door after me and by the time I turned around, someone had knocked into the side of me, causing me to stagger sideways.

"I have to stop doing this."

Looking to the right, Jason was standing there, a sheepish expression painted on his face with a shy smile. I stood up straighter, and the smile couldn't tremble.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see where I was going," I admitted. "I was just checking the team lists."

Jason nodded. "I was just checking mine, too. There's a soccer game on next week and I was just seeing if I was on the team or not. But what team list are you on?" he enquired, stuffing his hands inside his pockets of his black, tight jeans.

"But you're captain; you have to play, right?" I pointed a finger lazily at him. "And I made top of the long-distance runners." Trying not to swank, I bowed my head quickly before he could think I was bragging too much.

"How did you know I was captain? But congratulations."

I opened my mouth, thinking of a reply instead of I asked my roommate about you and she told me. But before I could, Jason spoke up again.

"I'm joking," he teased, chuckling softly. "Anyway, I have to get back to Lea. I'm taking her out tonight."

Huffing out, I grinned. "Oh, where are you taking her?" I just wanted to continue the natter going.

He shrugged. "It's just a restaurant downtown. The reservations are at eight fifteen so I better get going. It was good seeing you again; even if I did nearly knock you over again."

Smiling to ease the tension, I bid him a goodbye before he exited around the building while I went inside and without thinking, began to climb the stairs. I had had dinner not too long ago so I wasn't hungry and I also had some track homework to do. One lesson a week we have track in a classroom and it's about the mental/written side to track: endurance, strength etc.

Getting back upstairs, the door to our room was open. I passed it off as normal seeing as sometimes people did do this, but Johanna wasn't even inside. Shrugging to myself, I stepped in and closed the door behind me, being greeted by the serene peace.

I sat down on my bed and opened up my cupboard door which was situated under the mini desk that had my pack of documents on top. I had thought I'd call my parents tonight but I did it before, anyway. Instead, I picked up my track folder and opened it to the first page, the laminated mini folders, sliding everywhere.

I managed to finish the homework in due time before Johanna stumbled into the room. She made a habit of tripping each time because there was a bit of uneven carpet by the door that it always brushed it up. She closed the door after her.

She produced a grunt before flinging her bag off her one shoulder and down onto the bed, flopping down like a fish afterwards. "God, I hate college boys," she exclaimed.

I raised an eyebrow quizzically. "Any reason why?"

"They're jerks."

Nodding, I sighed out. "Did you leave the door open after you left? I came back to find it open," I offered.

Johanna looked like she was deep in contemplation for a moment. "I might have done. I closed the door but I don't think it closed all the way so it may have bounced back."

Nodding, I shoved my homework inside my track folder and put it in the cupboard. I leaned back on my bed and relaxed for a moment, wanting all the stress to disseminate out of my body. I leaned up on my elbows and turned to Johanna who was sorting through her bag, mumbling a long line of disjointed prose.

"I bumped into Jason when I went to check on the team lists," I informed. "Well, he bumped into me but that's just a technicality."

Johanna stopped what she was doing, hushed and turned to me. "What did you two say?" she probed, sitting on the bed.

"We were both looking at team lists so I told him what I got and he said about looking for the first soccer game." It still feels weird not to say football but to say soccer instead; maybe I was getting better at speaking the American lingo instead of being traditional and speaking my heritage.

"But then he said he was taking Lea out to a restaurant downtown so he had to go."

Johanna frowned. "Are you still sure to use him as your psychology project?"

I stared at her in astonishment, flabbergasted by her words. "You were the one who told me to use him. You said it would be good."

She sighed, leaning back so I couldn't see her face, but instead up her darkened nostrils. "Yes, but he has a girlfriend and he seems happy so are you really telling me you're up for interfering in their relationship? You might mess it all up and cause distrust or even a breakup."

I let her words sink in, as if they were imprinting on my skin before dissolving into my blood. It sounded silly like that, but her words did mean something. I let myself fall onto my bed and I gawped up at the bland ceiling.

"I have Psychology on Monday. I'll figure out what I'll do then," I elucidated. But that was mainly to me.

Author's Note:

How do you guys feel this story is progressing so far? Please do let me know in the comments. There's plenty of drama in store for this story!

Thank you :) x

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