Forty-Nine: Confliction †

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Why was it getting harder?

The Monday came after I had handed in my work and I got an A on both the report and quiz, thanks to Jason's motivation for me. I was rapturous and I even got an A in Track, too. Obviously, it wasn't just running; there was the written side/theory side to Track, too which boosted up my grade. The only thing I forgot to do to get an A* was to do specific stretches but that was just because my mind was a whirlpool that day.

I had emailed my parents, informing them of my grades and they were just as euphoric as I was. Even Johanna had excelled herself with an A* in all three sciences she takes. I came into the room with her jumping up and down, holding her paper up and thrusting it in my face. I congratulated her and she pointed to my bed where mine was. Now, it's pompously flaunted on my side table right on top of everything.

January had soon altered into February and it was only a matter of days before Valentine's Day. I had never really done anything to celebrate this day, purely because whenever I did have a boyfriend, it was never on Valentine's Day. This year, however, I have Jason.

"I'm going to make you love Valentine's Day, Tiegan," he had said when we were lying on his bed one Saturday afternoon. Bubbles was beside his head because mine was on his chest.

"I'll believe it when I see it," I replied back.

But persistently, there was always a question in my mind. Ruby was not making any endeavours to try and split us up. She did it whenever she could, despite Lea's awkward feelings when she was with Ruby when she tried something like this. Jason couldn't look more uncomfortable and I just got irritated whenever she tried to do something.

Even when I would confront Jason about it, he would just shrug and attempt to change the topic, hoping it get away from the whole Ruby-Lea-predicament. Either way, the conversations would always be stifled. But that's where my question comes in:

Why is it getting harder?

Things with Jason are changing and I abhor it. He's not always fun and carefree with me, even with Johanna in the room if she's doing homework and we're helping one another study. Sometimes, he stays silent for ages even when I ask if something's wrong. He'll merely mutter a "No" and go back to work.

The pressure to do the big Psychology project was overwhelming, too. I was finding it progressively harder to do the project on soccer players, and easier to do it on Jason, despite not even knowing what was happening with him in the warehouse. Which left one thing: I had to choose which to do and if I picked Jason, I had to uncover the warehouse ambiguity.

"Are you spending Valentine's Day with Jason?" asked Johanna.

We were ambling up the stairs to our room from dinner this evening. I managed to catch up with Johanna once I saw her coming up the stairs because Jason left for his floor/room so I had to keep going and I detected Johanna in front of me.

"Yes," I replied.

We got to our floor and we continued down it in serene silence until we got to our room. Johanna was already fumbling for the key card in her pockets, her eyes averted but mine was on the door. "Don't bother," I whispered, pushing the door open with the tip of my forefinger. "It's already open."

"Did we leave it open again or something?"

"Probably," I said, emulating my calm voice before. "Let's just get inside."

Johanna slipped in first and when I looked around, the corridor was completely vacant. I went inside, too and made sure the door closed. It didn't ripple back or anything; it stayed shut. I turned back to Johanna who was standing in the middle of the room, arms crossed over her chest and questioning.

"Maybe we are forgetting to close it," I articulated, desiring for this conversation to terminate.

Quiet, Johanna went to her bed and commenced her Biology homework whilst I got out my laptop and began scoping the Internet, trying to find out what could possibly be occurring in the warehouse. I was insane with inquisitiveness because the absurdity of the whole situation was causing my head to ache with questions and riddles that I had to somehow modify into a suitable solution.

"This is completely useless," I argued.

"What is?" said Johanna.


"Well, what do you expect? You need field research. You need to actually go into that warehouse yourself."

"I'll get caught," I objectified. I slammed my laptop down and stuffed it back in the cupboard. "I just wish he would tell me."

My phone vibrated on the top of the side table next to the paper with my results on. Reaching for it, Jason's name was on my screen and so was a message from him.

Jason: I can't wait to treat you for Valentine's Day. It's going to be mainly the afternoon/evening, okay? I love you.

Tiegan: I can't wait. I love you too.

I put the phone down beside me on the bed. I leaned down and got my Psychology project out from the cupboard in the side table. Johanna was observing me, bewildered as I disregarded her alien stare and began to survey my project. Not much of it was done yet and I still had to do everything else. Although, I did have Jason's modelling pictures.

"Maybe," I said aloud before I could stop myself. "Jason did modelling a few years back, what if he's modelling in the warehouse. He did come out with pictures!" I said, my voice rising. I quietly hushed myself.

"That would be an explanation," piped up Johanna, frowning. "But if it was just modelling, why wouldn't he tell you? He told you about modelling when he didn't even tell Lea."

My ecstasy had burst and dripped all on the bed. "I suppose you're right," I concluded.

But I won't fully commit to the fact that it's not modelling he's doing in there. He could be doing anything and modelling is certainly an option. Those buildings are obviously used for diverse things like he took me one for the kiss under the mistletoe on Christmas. It could be virtually anything.

My phone vibrated.

Jason: Come to my room please.

Tiegan: Okay, coming now.

I got up. "Will you let me back in when I come back please?" I asked.


I marched out of the room, leaving my phone on the bed and the project flecked on the duvet cover. I made my way downstairs to Jason's room and knocked on the door. He answered at once and yanked me in by my wrist. The door shut almost automatically but he had kicked it.

"I've missed you," he said, leaning down.

His hand, before I knew it, was tangled in my hair and his lips were plastered on mine. They were moving in sync as our tongues glided across one another's and my hands found their way up to his neck. We moved backwards and Jason fell back onto the bed. I landed on his chest and neither of us broke the kiss at all.

"Are you excited for Valentine's Day?" he asked, pulling back.

"Yeah," I breathed, not all too influentially.

Author's Note:

Another open door ;) ;) ;) ;) Okay, by now, this is not a coincidence lol.

Thank you :) x

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