Brittany knows

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Mrs.Queen walks in and breaks up our make up session.

"Ok boys time for you all to go back to your seats now."

Mrs.Queen is seeping in rage because we are wasting her time.I wipe up my tears and we all say in unison.


I go back to my seat.While Mrs.Queen looks at her seating chart.So she can look where she can put Joey and Jarord somewhere.She points to two empty seats on my right and left of me.

"You two can sit beside Zach."

We'll it looks like I don't have to say my name now.I look back into their eyes their eyes seaweed green again but why.The three of us don't say one word all period.But I can feel thier eyes piercing me like steak knives while I look down at my work.The bell rings I grab my books and run out the classroom running towards the science wing.I see Brittany talking to Aaron I push them both into the room.

"What the hell."Brittany screams at me.

"Aaron did you tell her?"

"No you told me not to tell anyone."


"What are you guys not telling me?"

"It's up to you Zach."

"Ok but please I am begging you not to tell anyone.You will have to take this to your grave."

"Ok tell me."

I whisper what happened yesterday in her ear.

"Oh my good and that's why oh god I'm sorry."

Brittany walks over to me and gives me a hug.I try not to cry because I've cried so much I could fill a lake with my tears.I tell Aaron what the twins said.He looks like he's going to have a heart attack.

"You ok Aaron?"

Aaron's face turns back to it's normal color.Brittany looks like she got lost in her car again.

"Yeah but be careful around them Zach there's something off about them."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know just something seems off about them."

"I know what you mean.There is something off about them.But I need all the support I can get."I am crying now.

Aaron walks towards me and hugs me.I guess he couldn't stand seeing me be upset.The only way he saw to cheer me up was to kiss me.Aaron holds up my head with both hands and starts to French kiss me.I would not be mad if we were alone but were not.Brittany sees this and practically faint.

"Are you two now dating? And Aaron your gay."Brittany says shocked.

Aaron stops kissing me and says.

"Only for Zach and not yet."

I look into Aaron's hazel eyes.I feel happy but I also feel happy with Jarord and Joey.I don't know who I love.I wish I knew who I loved but I don't.The bell rings to start second period.Aaron and Brittany sit close to me.I look over and Aaron.I wanna be with him but also with the twins.I feel so hopeless like. When I got raped.I put my head down on my desk and weep.Aaron puts this hand on my back.I slide over to Brittany I can't be touched right now.I can't I just can't.Mr.Napple sees me and asks me to go see him.

"Zach is everything ok you don't look ok?"

"Yeah I'm ok, I slipped and feel on my sisters doll."

"We'll that explains why you look like that.But are you ok sitting next to Aaron he seems to be getting a little to friendly with you."

"No I'm ok really."

"Ok but if you think it's getting to much let me know and I will move you ok?"

"Yes sir I understand."

I walk back to my seat and Aaron asks what was Mr.Napple talking to me about.I tell Aaron.

"Aaron he told Mr he was concern.But if you try any funny business I will get moved."

I look at Aaron he looks sad.I bet he wants to touch me but he can't.I only wish I knew who I loved.The intercom goes on and demands me to go to the office.I wonder why.I ask Mr.Napple if Aaron can come with me.He nods his head for a yes.Me and Aaron walk out of the classroom and walk towards the office.We reach the office and I open the door.The first thing I see is Jimmy I run out of the office and out of the school.Aaron follows me from behind.I run all the way to Aaron's house.Aaron grabs my hand and pushes me into his arms.

"It's ok he won't hurt you again."

I sob into his shirt.Aaron grabs me while I still in his arms and pulls me into his house.

"It will be all it."

"Yes thank you for being there for me Aaron."

Aaron kisses me but I push him off of me.

"Not yet but soon and I wanna say something Aaron I...Love you."

Hope you guys like this sorry if it's short.

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