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Aaron went off to the bathroom to go get dressed.While I get dressed in his room.I get on my clothes that I took before I left my house.I put on my dark blue navy v-shirt some boxers and a pair of jeans.I walk out of the room to go to the bathroom to ask Aaron if his family has make up.I know for a fact that my face looks like a train wreak.I open the bathroom door.I leave the door wide open.

"Hey Aaron do you happen-"I glance up and see Aaron just getting dressed.

I slam the door shut before he can see me.I sit behind the other side of the door with my hands over my face.I can't believe what I just saw.Wait this is how it started when I got raped.I start crying I ball my eyes out for awhile intil the door opens.I fall down on the tile floor making me look up at Aaron.

"Why are you crying?"Aaron asks.

I clear my throat and hold back my crying for a bit to try and calmly say.

"When I walked in on you it reminded me how this started when I-"I couldn't hold back anymore.I start sobbing.

"When I got raped by my brother."I am now full out crying.

Aaron kneels down to me and starts to hug me.

"It's ok dude you don't ever have to go back again."

At that moment I remember my sister.I push Aaron away and say.

"Wait what about my sister I left her alone with him.What if he trays what he did on me to her."

Aaron resures me that she will be safe.Because she is smart and will be safe.I ask him how does he know that.

"Zach when you went to sleep I called your house to tell them that you are staying here.Your sister was the only one to answer.I told her to call back on her own phone.She did and I told her the story and she now knows what to expect."

I start tearing up again and I hug him again.

"Thank you Aaron thank you."

What shocks me next is what I never expected my friend Aaron to do next.Aaron pushes me off.

"Aaron what's wr-"Aaron is now kissing me.

I push Aaron off me but he has me in the same death grip as Jimmy.

"Jimmy stop"

Aaron atomaticly stops and sees me petrified in fear.

"I'm sorry I guess this isn't the right time for this."

Aaron starts to get up and leave but I grab his arm to stay.I look at his hazel eyes while I still have tears in mine and say.

"Aaron you right this is not the right time but maybe later."

I give Aaron a kiss back meaning hold on intil this is over.I break the kiss and me and Aaron stay in a daze.Aaron breaks the silence and says.

"Maybe I should get dressed."

I look down at him and notice he is still wearing a towel.But that's not what catches my eye.I walk out of the bathroom and shut the door behind me close.I start blushing a few minutes later.I hear Aaron behind the door scream.


I walk back to Aaron's room and wait for him.I take out my phone I managed to grab before I left.I see I have a message from Mom.I start crying knowing that they are worried about me.Tears run down my face.I wipe up my tears and message her back saying.

"Mom I'm sorry about leaving I just can't be there right now."

More tears continue to stream down my face.Aaron walks in and sees me crying.

"Here."Aaron hands me a face cloth to wipe away my tears.

I nod and take his offering then wipe away my tears.

"Thanks again."

"Anytime, so you ready to go to school?"

"Yes, I guess so."I still look like crap but I don't care anymore.

If people ask I will say I slipped and fell.We walk outside and start walking to school.Well at least the school isn't that far.

Well I am so happy about this chapter.it looks like Zach might have a new lover but what might happen once they get at school and what will happen if Jimmy finds out he told? Keep reading and please keep liking.

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