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Sorry about the wait guys I've been in and out of school for numerous reasons and I had to work on trying to keep up my grades sorry.Besides all that I posted my new yaoi book you guys should check it out its I Can't Kill (Creepypasta Yaoi).Anyway thank you all for the support love you all.

My jaw drops to the bottom of the floor.

"How may I help you today little brother?"

"Zach this is your brother.The one that-"

I climb over the table and put my hand over each of their mouths.People start to stare while Jimmy delivers a look of I got you.

"Zach please sit down you don't wanna cause a scene."Jimmy gives an evil glare.

I sit back into my seat nervous and scared for what Jimmy might do.

"Don't worry little bro I can't do anything while I'm at work."

Jimmy gets closer to my ear and whispers something in that ear that makes me tremble in fear.

"But wait till I get off of work in a half an hour."

Jimmy backs away and then says.

"So can I get you guys something to start off on?"Jimmy says giving a look of concern.

I give a timid growl at him.He happily shrugs it off.That asshole why does he have to ruing my life.I look at the twins.They have the same look of disgust as I do.I guess they do care.Jarord speaks up first I can see he is holding back his anger.

"Yeah, Me and Joey will have the usual."

"Ok sirs, And you Zachary?"

I look into Jimmy's eyes and I see lust more then anything else.


"He'll have the same as us."

"Ok I'll be back shortly with your food."

I feel Jimmy put his hand through my hair and pull it back slightly.I look at Jarord and Joey to say or do something.Joey gets up from the booth and goes to the other side to sit next to me.Jarord decides to talk.

"We are getting hungry can't you hurry up with our order."Jarord's eyes turn lava red.

"Sure thing sir.I'll be back."He says with a death glare.

Jimmy walks away and Joey starts to hug me.I try not to cry.Joey gives me a kiss to bring me back to reality.I open my eyes and see Joey kissing me.I feel like I was sent to heaven.Joey breaks off the kiss and says.

"You all set now?"

"Yeah thanks I needed that."

Jarord starts to speak up and say.

"Wait till I get my hands on him."

"No it's ok let's just get through our date."

"You sure about this we could go somewhere else."

"Let's just get through this."


Once we stop talking Jimmy comes back with our food.

"Here you go."

He sets the plates down in front of us.But when reaches me he says something to me so that only I can hear.

"Get ready for round two."

I am frozen.I don't move until Jimmy leaves.I say to the twins.

"I'm going to the bathroom."

I get up and leave.I walk around the restaurant intil I reach the bathroom.I open the door and head straight towards the sink.The water turns on and I splash it in my face.

"This can't be happening."

"But it is."

I turn my head to face who said that.My eyes lock onto Jimmy.I start to scream bloody murder.Jimmy starts to get closer and closer.Jimmy begins to unzipped his pants.I begin to cry while backing up into the sink.

"Jimmy get away get away."

"I don't think so."

The door bruises open.The person I see is the twins and Jacob.Jacob walks over to his employer while the twins take me out of the bathroom and out of the restaurant.People stare at us and look at us in shock.We leave the restaurant and go to the car and drive home.I get in the car and cry in the back seat intil I fall asleep.

Worst date ever.

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