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Felix has always been the perfect boy, perfect student, perfect friend, perfect person, and always tried to be the perfect son. The thing is the pressure his parents pu...
The Lone Survivor by thatspecialteen
The Lone Survivorby thatspecialteen
"You sure he's here?" "Yeah, I'm sure. Can't you smell him? And haven't you heard about the young leopard shifter who's been spotted around these parts? T...
Open Your Eyes. (boy×boy×boy) [FINISHED] by Im-a-pansexual-loner
Open Your Eyes. (boy×boy×boy) [ Radio Silence
"Open your eyes, baby boy." "You are safe now." ~Smut Chapter's~ (You can skip) 7 11 12 18 Dean's B-day special 20 21(kinda [at the end[) 22 Franc...
Tears and Smiles (Boyxboy) by -notthatmahi
Tears and Smiles (Boyxboy)by Mahi~
Axel looked with tears in his eyes as he saw his ex-boyfriend walking hand in hand with his best friend. He never expected it to be this way. No not at all. All three o...
"He's the Bad Boy!" ... oh, I know by kittensmitten2
"He's the Bad Boy!" ... oh, I knowby kitten smitten
Ace Ryder is a normal kind of guy, he blends in with the crowd and tries to be invisible which isn't hard for an ordinary kid like himself. Ace was extremely happy but a...
The Road We Took by Policecopoklol
The Road We Tookby Policecopoklol
Adam Jacoby has been in love with his two best friends ever since he met them. The cute and friendly Marco Sertz caught his attention; along with the intelligent and obl...
Exceptionally by Wowewoo
Exceptionallyby ugh
A story in which Kyler's master brings home a present for him that leads to some unexpected events. (Warning Smutty)
The Inmate's Play Thing by MiloTheActualAngel
The Inmate's Play Thingby 🥀Milo🥀
Traded off from the most feared gang in the Georgia State Penitentiary to the brute newbie, Jackson Carter must get used to becoming the pet of Santiago Rodriguez. #70 i...
My Blond Soulmates by Frick_You_Central_
My Blond Soulmatesby Robin💤
Izuku Midoriya had always had the short end of the stick, wether it went from tripping in public or he's quark or lack of quark he always got the short end of it. So you...
Among Royalty  by 4feet4
Among Royalty by 4feet4
This is the story of a normal guy, Adrian, who gets thrown into the lives of two kings. Read more to find out about it! (I'll change the shitty description later im sor...
RANSOM - 3RACHA by escapethe_gayships
"Don't do that, the police will think you're insane." "That's because he is insane." × When Chan is kidnapped for a ransom and his father refuses to...
Their Broken Mate. by mustache-addict
Their Broken mustache-addict
Kenny Gumpell has been missing for three years. His friends and family gave up on looking for him. So when Kenny's Alpha runs into him, everyone is shocked. Kenny isn'...
The Unexpected Trio by Alms_and_Izu
The Unexpected Trioby (Alms)_Kai
They did their best to keep it a secret as long as possible. No one would of expected Kaminari was with Iida. They where in an even more surprise that Izuku was with the...
Brothers. (BoyxBoyxBoy) by brokenbodyopenmind
Brothers. (BoyxBoyxBoy)by Kye
Sam and Matt just recently turned 18 they have moved out of their foster home and inherited their father's fortune. Now they are talking home their 16 year-old brother w...
Wonder  by idkilikeharrypotter
Wonder by idkilikeharrypotter
when harry goes through a surprise inheritance and learns that not everything is as it seems I'm bad at descriptions this is my very first story so sorry if it's bad I'...
The Bad Boy Is A Baby by Glass_wolf
The Bad Boy Is A Babyby Glass Wolf
Ashton Graph is your typical bad boy. The only person he is truly kind to, is his boyfriend and little Connor Robinson. Ashton grew up with an abusive father so he has b...
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Of Veelas And Dragon Tamers by DarkSlytherin35
Of Veelas And Dragon Tamersby Saphire
Harry Potter not a Potter? (Yes cliché I know.) Not only that but he is a what, mated to who? Is the dark bad and the light good? Or did at some point they get mixed up...
beauty kills ♤ s.cb.+ h.hj.+ l.fx. by seoslotus
beauty kills ♤ s.cb.+ h.hj.+ uwwaaaa
his looks take his breath away, they are almost deadly. little does he know that this beautiful man is taken. he only craved this one man, but learns to need both of the...
My Twins And Me (boyxboy) by cookiieess
My Twins And Me (boyxboy)by Johnathan
Jasper and James have always been really close, just as close as twin brothers should be. But they have a few problems, they both have self-esteem issues, more so James...