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It was fun every once and a while.But now it's boring.I have friends but they all are straight.I can talk to my guy friends about girls and I can talk talk to my female friends about boys.But I can't relate to them about being bisexual.It's lonely at school having no one to talk to about my sexual ordination.I do get bullied every now and again but friends help me through.It is also hard not find a guy I can date.That's because everyone at school is straight.My name is Zachary Flowers I go to Mt.Killer High school.I am a Sophomore

(10th grade).But I am not the person I use to be.I was the happiest person at my school because I had friends and family who except me.But I still feel like something is missing but what.

Beep.beep.beep.beep.Zach's hand reaches for his alarm.Zach hits the snoze button.Time passes and he gets up.

"Oh crap I'm late I'm late I'm late Fuck."

I get out of my bed lighting fast.I run over to my closet grab me some clothes.I don't care what I just grab me something.I run out my room and go to the bathroom.I brush my teeth, wash my face etc.I do the best I can do since I'm half awake.I run downstairs with my pants tangled around my ankles.

"Oh shit oh shit oh shiiiittt."

I fall down the stairs face first into the wall.


I get up and brush it off.I look around to see if my family is still here.Since they have to work after I go to school.

"Hello Mom, Dad, Jimmy, Amber."

I walk forward to the kitchen after pulling up my pants.

"Hello anyone here."

I keep walking till I reach the kitchen.


"Oh Fuck."

I have a kung fu stance ready to kill.Only to see my younger sister trying to scare me.

"Dear god Amber way are you here are you suppose to be at school."

"I could be asking you the same thing."

Me and Amber we both don't see eye to eye with each other.Everytime we see each other we fight.

"So Amber where is Mom and Dad?"

"Mom's at the grocery store and Dad is at work.So why are you here and not at school."

"I over slept idiot.So why are you here then."

"I'm sick *cough* *cough*."


"Ya so how are you going to get to school?"

"I don't know maybe I could go ask Jimmy to give me a ride he does have a license."

I push Amber out of my way and run back upstairs.Please be there please be there please.I think to myself.I go down the hallway to reach the third door on the right.I knock on the door.

"Jimmy you there Jimmy?"

The door bursts open.

"What! Oh it's you wait are you suppose to be at school."

"I will get to the point I over slept and well.I need you to drive me to school."

"Hm k."

"Wait are not going to ask what you want in return."

"No because this will mean you will owe me."

I glop.

"What do I owe you?"I say nervously.

"Nothing yet but give it time ok.Come in while I get ready.

I walk into his mess of a room.

"Jimmy I think there's something moving."

I glance at a sock moving over lump and lump of clothes.Meanwhile Jimmy goes into his own bathroom in his room.

"What oh that don't worry it's just my pet rat Richie playing."

I walk over to it pick it up.I dump its contents onto the bed.


It's a baby rat it's not dirty or's newly cleaned and trying to get the cheese out of the sock.


"Hey don't touch Richie!"

I hear Jimmy yell and I put him down next to me.But Richie decides to curl up in a ball in my lap.So cute.Jimmy walks out of his bathroom with a towel on his hips.

"Ok just let me get changed and we can go ok."

"Yeah whatever Jimmy."

I continue to look at Richie.Awe he's snoring cute.I look up and see my brothers bare ass.I start to blush and look back at Richie.

Well how do you guys like if you guys like then I will continue but it will take Awhile because this I just thought of and I am making a second copy so maybe one every other week maybe.but please like till then bye.

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