Night in a Castle

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Omg thank you all for the support 2k views thank you love you all.Oh yeah I forgot to tell you all that Joey is the childish one and Jarord is the laid back one.

I open the door and step outside.There is a butler there waiting for us.The butler shuts my door and asks me if he can be of any more help.I shake my head no still looking at the castle.Jarord and Joey take my hand and brings me further in.I look around in awe.

"So as you can see this is our house."

"Hey Jarord why don't we give him a tour of the place."Jarord turns his head and his eyes change color.

"Great idea bro"Jarords eyes change also.

Jarord and Joey brings me around the entire place.I've seen them have their own game room and more.They do have expensive taste.Jarord takes my hand and Joey lets go.Why?

"Hey Jarord I'll be right back I got to go get something."

"Ok Joey I'll meet you there."

I don't say a word I just try to understand what is going on.Jarord brings me to a new place in the castle.The ceilings are sculptured with angels and gold.A bit much.Jarord holds my hand and we walk halfway down the hall to reach a door.

Jarord opens the door it's a bedroom.There is a queen sized bed fully made.A Victorian presses in the corner with a plasma screen T.v. above it.On the other side of the room is a walk in closet.Next to the walk in closet is two other doors.I speak up with joy.

"Is this my room?"

"No, This is our room."

"Oh so it's your and Joeys."

"And yours."

I give him the most confused look I can give someone.

"By ours I mean all three of us."

"Really....Wait before we met eachother.You slept with your brother in the same bed together."

I look at Jarord he is now flustered red blushing.


"Sorta what do you mean?"I give him the confused look again.

"You see that door over there."

Jarord points to the door in the corner of the room.I look at the door and lean in forward to get a better look.


"That's Joey's room he sometimes gets scared and when he does.He comes into my room and sleeps in my bed with me."

I look back over at Jarord and give him a kiss.Jarord gives a strange look after I break the kiss.He asks what was that for and I tell him.

"That's for belong there for your brother.I just wish my brother would do stuff like that for me.But we know what he did instead."

Jarord leans forward and kisses me back.He holds my head back and wraps his arm around my waist.Jarord leans me back to the bed I fall on the bed.Jarord starts to lift my shirt business I grab his hands and shake my head no.

"Why not you did it with Aaron why not us."

Just then Joey comes in with a brown paper bag.What the hell.Jarord gives his brother look and Joey puts the broken paper bag in his room.Joey leaves the room and Jarord looks back at me.

"So why not."

"I've known Aaron my whole life and I know him much better."

This hits Jarord like a speeding bullet.I look into his eyes there's hurt but his eyes don't change color.

"You don't trust us."Joey says coming back into the room.


"Then what." Jarord says

"I just don't know two all that much is all."

"So your asking for a date."

"I never said that."

"Ok then we will all go on a date tomorrow."

Joey walks over and gives me a kiss on my forehead.Crap what have I gotten myself into.Joey whispers something in his brothers ear.Jarord nods his head Joey is now excited.I look up at both of them they are taking off their clothes.

"I said no sex."

"Oh we know we are just getting ready for bed."

Crap crap crap.Joey takes of his shirt I see his tone slick skin.Font get excited don't get excited.I look over at Jarord he is taking off his pants.I can see some of his.I put my head under the covers and Jarord lifts them they up I look up at him.

"Were ready for bed."

Joey and Jarord get into the bed with me.On my right is Jarord my left is Joey both hold on to me and smuggle up into me.

"What have I gotten myself into."

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