Jimmy's Hate

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Me and Aaron stay home the rest of the day.We play video games, watch movies, and do whatever.We watch Final destination 2 but half way in it my phone rings.I pick it up nonchalantly not caring who it is.I look at it.My face turns pale.

"What's wrong who is it?"Aaron asks puzzled.

I show him my phone.I will not speak.

"Oh...my....god...Why the fuck is he calling you?"

"He must of known I told people.I can't."

I run to the bathroom and slam the door behind me close and lock it.I can't be raped again I won't.I hear footsteps getting closer.

"Get away Jimmy get away get away!"

"Zach it's me your friend Aaron.I'm not going to hurt you open the door."

"I can't I wanna but I don't wanna get raped not again."

"I won't rape you I am here for you and always will be."

I get up from the feedle position and use most of my strength to walk to the door.I open the door ajar and peek out.

"Are you sure you will always be there for me Aaron."I ask with tears in my eyes.

"Yes I will always be there for you as a friend or if you want as a boyfriend."

I see Aaron smile with sincerity.I unlock the door and run into Aaron's arms.I sob in his arms.

"Wait Jimmy will get mad if I don't reply I don't wanna get raped.

"It's ok we can both read the message at the same time.If you get to upset you can hold on me ok."


I get out of Aarons arms and walk back to the living room to grab my phone.I pick up my phone I missed his call so he left a message instead.



I click the open button.The message reads.

"I know you told people ready for round 2."

I drop my phone.It falls on the rug making a pitter patter noise.I grab Aaron and hug him.I sob in his chest.Aaron picks up my phone and reads over the message and is now disgusted.I hear Aaron drop my phone.Aaron holds me tight I wanna forget this and live my life.Aaron gets up and locks the door.

"Zach he will never hurt you again I promise.He will have to go through me first."

I don't wanna cry but there's no use.I look up at him in a cherbic way.Aaron blushes and goes over to me.I feel his warm arms around me and I melt in his arms.Aaron picks up my head.He talks to me in a calm voice.

"Zach I am here for you forever."

Without thinking I kiss him.I stop kissing him and leave a trail of saliva between us and say.

"I think I'm ready to be your boyfriend now."

"You sure about this.You sure your ready?"

I grab Aaron's face and kiss him again I then break the kiss.I swallow the spitball in my throat and speak.

"Aaron I'm ready but I just need one answer from you so we can continue."

"Sure Zach anything."Aaron's eyes are now sparkling.

"Promise me you will be there to protect me forever ok?"I ask in desperation.

Aaron kisses me.I take this as a yes.I  kiss back.

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