Sister's News

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Brittany's Dad comes back.He holds a clipboard and begins to walk towards us.He asks me to fill it out and I gladly oblige.I begin to fill it out and I notice everyone is staring at me.Minus Brittany's Dad.I take a quick peak up and speak.

"What?"I peak back down at the paperwork.

"Did my sister say anything?"

I stop writing and my face turns pale.My throat closes shut I don't speak I just continue to write.Jarord asks me the same question again.

"What did my sister say?"

I manage to finish the report so I begin to sit up.I walk over to Brittany's dad and hand him the papers.I also ask him directions out of here.He begins to give me directions and I thank him.I hear footsteps I turn around its my boyfriends.Oh great now I'm in trouble.

"Thanks Mr.Leabell now we'll take care of him."

Jarord continues to talk to Brittany's dad.In the meantime Joey grabs my right arm and Aaron grabs my left.Both of them pull me away.The three of us take the advise of Mr.Leabell and we soon arrive outside.I soon notice that they arrived here in a limo.Really can't they try a bus once and awhile.Aaron and Joey begin to pull me and we are soon are inside of the limo.And then the door slams.Oh Crap now I'm in for it.

"Let's wait for Jarord before we talk."Joey says.

"Fine with me."Aaron replies.

The three of us begin to wait.I sit there with my hands in my lap and I look done at them.I don't look up not until Jarord comes back.We begin to wait for a few minutes just until the door opens.Jarord is at the door and he begins to climb in.The doors shut and Jarord takes a seat.He just sitting there saying nothing.Time passes and Jarord opens his mouth.

"So what did she say?"Jarord says in a thick tone.

My mouth opens I don't want it to but it does.I can't believe this is happening to me.

"She told my results on...the rape."My tone becomes shaky.

"So what were they?"Aaron buts in.

"I have an...STD...And they don't know who gave it to me."

I begin to cry in my lap.I don't look up.I feel the tension in the room stifling.Me I just sob but I soon stop and see the three of them look at me.

"Is there a cure?"

They don't care if I might of gave it to them.I was an idiot for not trusting them.All they care about is if I'm ok.I begin to cry I'm happy I have them.

"I don't know."I answer them.

"Well what kind is it?"

I don't speak I just sit there I don't want them to be hurt.I just cry as I don't speak.But something does escape my lips.

"I'm sorry why does this shit happen to me?"I cry.

"It's not your fault."

My head raises and my tears stop.My eyes lock onto everyone.How is it not my flaunt.I got the STD.Suddenly a tear slides down my face.Aaron sees me cry and wipes away my tears with his thumb.I don't talk all I do is give a clueless face.

"It's not your fault because stuff happens and it won't change our love for you.Even if you have an STD we won't care we love you."

"Hey Heather can we get going?"

"Yes sirs."

The engine begins to rev up and I can hear the wheels turn.I start to look out the window.The streets go one by one and then two by two.The The twins I notice in the reflection of the window are talking and the same with Aaron.I ignore it and look out the window I see my family.I start to cry but I try hard to wipe them away.I raise my hand like I'm trying to peek out the window and wipe my tears.Luckily they didn't notice.

"Why."I mumble.

"You say something Zach?"Joey says,

"Um yeah where we going?"I say trying to change the subject.

"Well we're going-"

"Were going to my house."Aaron interrupt.

Everyone looks at Aaron we all are stunned.Why are we going to Aaron house.we all know Jarord and Joey's house/mansion is better.

"I honestly have enough rooms for everyone."

"Fine.Go talk to heather for directions and info."

That was a close one maybe I should tell them what STD I have.Nah I'll tell them when we get home.But now I wanna know what they were talking about.

"Um so what were you guys talking about?"

"That's a secret."Joey says in his usual cute tone.

Oh god the three of them talking something is up.Then Aaron shout his sudden shout makes me jump out of my seat.

"We're here!"

That soon.Great now how am I going to tell them.They have to get tested tomorrow at 7pm.

Sorry guys for the wait I have been majority busy sorry and please keep voting, commenting, sharing my book.Thank you I love you all.

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