My nurse is my boyfriends sister

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"Rebecca I thought you were in college."

"I was but I graduated early and got my diploma sorry for not calling.Anyway who's Zach?"

"He's our boyfriend as if you knew if you ever talked to us."

Rebecca gives a spotty glare at the twins.She then turns her attention towards me and then Aaron.She seems confused.She begins to walk over to me.She glares at me for a few moments and then walks away.After she's done looking at me she goes to Aaron and looks at him.

"So which one?"

"Who do you think?"

"I guess him."She points to Aaron.

I laugh as she points to Aaron.Rebecca soon looks at me.Her eyes change color I guess everyone in their has it.I look over at Aaron and he is blushing same with Joey strangely.I see Jarord eyes turn blood red.

"You are the humblest blonde I know!"

"Um Rebecca I'm Zach.Did something happen?"

"Oh well can I ask you to come out in the hallway with me?"

I nod my head as my umber hair crosses my face.Rebecca opens the door and guildes me out.I hope it's good news.The doors shut and my heart beats out of my chest.She looks down at her clipboard and begins to speak.

"Your results came back on your rape kit and have gonherra."

I turn pale as a ghost as I hear the words she says.Thoughts go through my head.Who gave it to me? Did I have it ant give it to my boyfriends? I cry hearing this.I stammer when I speak to her.

"W-who gave it to me?"

"We don't know but we have your brother and rich in custody.We will get their Dna to test for it.Have you have you done it with my brothers?"

I nod shyly and cry realizing what I've done.What if I gave it to them.What if they gave it to me.I will be devastated if they gave it to me or I gave it to them.

"Well bring in everyone you had relations with tomorrow so we can test their Dna.Besides this I'm happy your with my brothers.If their happy I'm happy just keep an eye on them."

Rebecca opens the door and walks me back in to see the twins and Aaron.Rebecca shuts the door but not before giving her brother a look of pity.Jarord and Joey both give each other a look of udder confusion.The door shuts and we begin to talk.

"Ok what's up with your sister and you guys."Aaron speaks up,

"Well a couple of years ago she left our family without one word.Our family broke apart a short time after."

"So that's why you guys bicker at each other.You must really hate her for that then."

"No! We don't hate her."Joey bursts out.

"Then what!"Aaron is now pissed I can tell by the tone in his voice.

"You guys can we get going."I plead.

Everyone eventually compromise on this and walk out of the room.As soon as we leave the room Brittany's Dad stop us.He wants me to write a police report.I gladly agree Mr.Leabonell then takes me to a waiting room and tells me to sit down and wait while he gets the papers.I go sit down and Jarord starts to say something.

"So are you ok?"

"Yeah, but after this and we get home I have something to tell you all."

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