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The room is lit by three lights.One is in dead center of the room just above me.The light illuminates over me.I shine like a star in the spotlights.The other lights flicker on the white exit signs above the enterances.The room is cold, I shiver and exhale.I can see my breath.

"I'm glad I grabbed my coat."I sigh

The exit sign in front of me stops flickering and shines.The door flies open like the wind opening a barn door.My attention turns to the door.Someone walks through the door, or should I say tries.Cookie walks through the door along with someone else.

"Oh come on Cookie, come on."

"Oh so he's also yours."

Cookie waddles over to me.Once at me I scoop him up and hold him in my arms.After I have Cookie in my hands I hear a woman's voice.I stand up and look at the door and I notice Rebecca.Rebecca stairs me down with her red eyes.

"I wonder why she's mad?"Rebecca begins to speak but not in a rude tone.

"Hey Zach, While we wait for those three to finish.Why don't we"


Me, Rebecca, and Cookie walk over to a nearby counter and begin to talk.I sit on the counter and place Cookie on my lap.Rebecca on the other hand grabs a stool and sits in front of me.We soon begin to chat.

"So Zach, I just wanted to know who my brothers are dating.After all this stuff is all serious having my brothers being testing and all.Oh wait I'm not blaming you."

I look over at Rebecca and give her a look of doubt.Cookie suddenly begins to walk over to my hand.We both begin to watch as Cookie wabbles.Cookie begins to nibble down on my hand.

It doesn't hurt.It tickles it feels as if he wants to play.I pick him up and put him in my arms and allow him to contuine playing with my fingers.We then contuine to talk.

"So Zach how did you-"

All of a sudden the enterance door bursts open.An young man walks in.He is 6'3 a bit skinny and also wearing a light blue suit.He barges in and says the tests are done.He soon leave and Rebecca gets up and begins to walk over to the door.Just before she leaves I announce something.

"Hey Rebecca, Is he your boyfriend. You know the guy that just came in."

Rebecca turns to me and her face lights up like the 4th of July.I know I got her.She walks out of the room but not before saying something important.

"One by one each of your lovers boyfriends whatever you wanna call them.Will come in if you don't see one they have it."

With that Rebecca leaves.After she leaves, I begin to pondering.Why didn't't Rebecca say something about "that guy".I still have Cookie in my arms still bitimg my fingers.I squeeze him tight.Then sit waiting and woundering who could have it.No one comes through the door for awhile.So I start to worry did all of them have it.The the door opens its..Aaron.Aaron doesn't have it thank god.I get up and off of the counter and run over to Aaron's side.

I reach Aaron and tears are in my eyes.I grab a hold of Aaron with my free hand but that's intill I hear Cookie make a noise.I quickly let go of Aaron and hold Cookie.Cookie looks cheerful and happy.But so am I I'm glad he didn't give it to me.So me and Aaron we begin to talk.I still have tears in my eyes.At least my best my boyfriend didn't give it to me.

"Zach I told you I would never do anything to hurt you."

"I know I'm happy.So what happend?"

I still have tears in my eyes when I say this.Aaron calms me down by kissing my forehead.I feel utter bliss.After the kiss Aaron begins to tell me what happends.

"Zach after I shut the limo's doors you two were...gone."

I blush and try to hide my face.

"Zach no you don't have to be embarrassed.I guess me and Joey were excited to prove we didn't have it."

Aaron stops speaking starts to kiss me.But instead of a normal kiss he french kisses me.I push him because he knows I have an STD.And I don't want him to have it. I want to countine but not while I have this.

"Aaron after this is gone."

I look at Aaron and he understands.I don't know what to say but I'm happy to be with him.I put Cookie down and we contuine to talk.Before we start to talk I watch Cookie go over to a spare set of clothes and lay down.

"Sorry Zach, I guess I'm just a bit too that you trust me...As I was saying when Joey left me and Jarord we were left alone we walked in and well...we kinda got lost.But we soon found our way."

" what happend with the testing?"

"Oh yeah that they made us"

"I get it.I know it hurts."

Aaron nods his head then begins to embrace me.I hug him back.Then the door starts to open.

Hey guys sorry for not posting.I happen to have one of my family members are in the hospital and she is not looking to good.So i don't know if will be able to post anything.I'm sorry its just rough sorry.

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