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The door opens and I can't believe my eyes.But yet another one of my boyfriends passed.I can't hold back much more and I start crying my eyes out.It's Jarord, I don't know what to do but cry.I push off Aarons hands and I run towards Jarord.I tackle Jarord and me and fall to the ground.I bury my face into his shirt and cry but I manage to sob something.

"Jarord....Thank you."

"Zach you should know I would never do that to you."

Jarord runs his hands through my soft umber hair.I contuine to cry but thats when trouble starts.Jarord starts to fight with Aaron.I try my best to make out what they are saying in between my sobs.

"So how did you pass?I thought you gave him it."


Then nothing I hear nothing but my own sobs.That's when I  suddenly hear footsteps start to get closer.All of a sudden I feel someone touch the back of my shirt.I soon start to see past my tears that I'm getting farther away from Jarord.Then I get placed on the counter and watch what unfolds before me.Aaron walks back over to Jarord.Then I relize I no longer have Cookie. With me.Cookie where is he? Then I relize he's on the counter with me sleeping on my coat.Wait when did I take that off? Oh well as long as he doesn't see this it's ok.

I look back and I notice Aaroj is at Jarord.Crap, I dont want them to fight but I can't manage to say anything.That's when Aaron starts to throw a punch.The punch goes through the air like a speeding bullet.

I can't look so I close my eyes and turn away.Then there's a loud bang.I slowly turn my head back and look.My eyes open up and I look.Aaron missed Jarord and hit the wall next to him.To me I'm surprised that he missed he's been in karate since he was seven.Did he do it on purpose? I then watch Jarord's expression.Jarord stands there calm as if he knew this was going to happen.

"Why do you think it was me, Huh?"

"Because you don't treat Zach right.So you must of gave it to him."

"I could say the same about you and your brother, You two are just strangers.How do we know you two are just using Zach?"

Then all of a sudden Jarord punches Aaron in the jaw.I watch as my jaw drops.I can't believe it Jarord actually hit Aaron.I watch and I still can't believe what I saw.I don't notice I start crying again.Tears stream down my face.Then Jarord begins to talk.I watch his words carefully.

"Ok I admit I'm not perfect but actually I will sauce something.I am surprised I am not the one who gave it to Zach.I am the reckless one of me and Joey.But one thing for sure Joey could of not gave Zach it.Yeah, he may seem dumb.But He is actually the smart and reliable one.He acts dumb only to the people he is comfortable with.So before anything don't you dare judge Joey."

Then I look at Jarord and I notice he is crying.I swear I don't think I ever seen Jarord cry.I turn to the door for no reason and I notice Joey standing there.I glare up at him and he is crying also.I make a noise so both of them look at me.They both do and I point to the door where Joey is standing.Everyone glares at the door and become statues.Joey then begins to walk in slowly and I notice he still has tears in his eyes.

"Jarord you not only the reckless one this time remember we're twins and we share the same blame here.So I am just as guilty.But thank you for beliving in me."

Joey then walks over to Aaron and puts his hand out so he can grab it.Aaron grabs it and Joey helps him up.The Joey begins to talk to Aaron.

"Aaron I'm sorry about my brother but there's one thing you should do and it's not to judge me.I give much respect to everyone in our relationship or out."

"I'm sorry"

All of a sudden I start to full on cry my eyes out.Everyone looks at me and I can tell they are all concerned.And wouldn't after having their boyfriend watch this.Then Joey begins to walk towards me.

"What's wrong Zach? I know it must be hard to watch people you love fight."

"No its not that it's just......I'm happy all of you didn't give it to me.I can finally let it go but now since it wasn't you guys who gave it to me?"

I grab Joey and I ball my eyes out in his shirt.I can't believe I ever thought it was them.But then who gave it to me? I hear footsteps and then I look up and it's all three of them.I am so happy they didn't do it.But all of a sudden I hear Jarord and Joey growl.I look up and I see Rebecca.Rebecca came back? Since none of us have it so why is she here?

This chapter is deticated to my step-brother for all the love he had gave me.Happy birthday Jordan (^-^)

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