Date Redo

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I open my eyes and I am in a bed.I look around to figure out where I am.I see a Victorian dresser and I put the pieces together.I'm in Jarord room.I tilt my head facing down so I look at my lap.I notice two things astray.I'm not wearing my tuxedo and there's a note on my lap.

"That better not of done anything while I was out."

I open up the note and read the note.The note says.

"Sorry about last night
We wish we could of stayed to fight
But we had to get out
Without a dought
We love you so much
That no one can crush
Come downstairs
If ye dares"

I she'd a tear.They doing this all for me.They care for me.I put the note down and look over the edge of the bed.There are rose petals leading from the bed to outside the door.I get out of bed and head towards the door.

I open the door and the trail of rose petals contuine.I walk a few feet and there's a note attached to the wall the note says.

"Close your eyes and grab the railing."

"Oh my god really ok."

My eyes shut and I grab the railing in front of me.I step down the stairs one foot in front of the other intil I reach the bottom step.

"Ok open them."

My eyes spring open.The things I look at first are the twins they are still wearing their tuxedos.I then look around and the lights are dimmed.In the center of the room is a medium sized table.On the table is a candour with a rose on the side of it.

"Well we all know yesterday was beyond bad so me and Joey decided to have a date redo."

I start to cry.I am overjoyed with emotions.Joey and Jarord walk towards me.Jarord puts his hand on my back while Joey says.

"What's wrong did we do something wrong?"

"No just...I am so happy you guys care enough for me."I start to break down and cry.

Joey is there to pick me up once I fall to my knees.Jarord walks over to me and kneels down to look at me.He starts to kiss me.Jarord slides his tounge into my mouth Jarord and I fight for dominance.Joey notices an opening so he slides his arm up my shirt.I feel something start to touch my gets twisted.Once it does I moan into Jarords mouth.Jarord releases and joey starts to kiss me with his hand up my shirt.I notice a hand get lower I jump and say.

"No notyetnotyetnnotyet."

Joey wines and then says.

"Why not, and when then?"

"After the date I will let you know."

I look into both the twins eyes their yellow hope again.The twins get up and bring me up with them.The twins bring me to my seat.I sit does and they push me in.They sit down and I start the questions.

"Ok let's start with family you met my brother already but I also have a younger sister named Amber.My mom and dad work most of the time but when they are home there always there for us.Ok your turn now."

Joey goes first to speak.

"Me and Jarord as you know now our parents desperate a while ago and he had a son already who was Jacob.But we also have an older sister she goes to college her name is Rebecca."

"Ok now a bit personal what were your past relationships and when did you guys realize you guys realize were gay."

Both of them blush once I answer the question.Jarord talks this time and says

"Why don't we answer the when we were gay question first."


"Me and Joey weren't always gay.We since dated this same girl and long story cut short she well used us."

"Oh I'm sorry."

"No it's ok if that never happened then we would of never met you."Jarord says with a twinkle in his eyes.

I blush when I see his eyes sparkle.

"Ok so your past relationships."

"Well we girlfriends and...five boyfriends.How about you?"

"I haven't dated that many people but I have had like four girlfriends and two boyfriends."

I begin to speak again intil the food comes by.The butler comes in the room through the only door in the whole room.He has a cart of food he places one in front of each of us.He takes off the dome that is protecting the food.It reveals that I have spaghetti and meatballs while the twins have the same.We begin to eat and then I start to talk under my breathe.

"I'm ready."

Joey and Jarord lift their heads from there food and say with confusion.

"What did you say Zach?"

I pick up my head and blush while saying this.

"I'm ready."

This was a late Valentines day chapter but guess what in the next chapter I'll give you a hint

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