Sex with Aaron

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"This is what I mean.I meant Sex."

Aaron gets on the bed and gets on top of me.Aaron licks my ear shell I don't push him off because I'm ready for this.I know he won't hurt me.Aaron gets his hand up higher up in my shirt.He reaches my nipple and twists and plays with it.I let out a moan.Aaron kisses me passionatly he bites down on my lip for entrance.I grant him access.I open my mouth Aaron places his tongue in I feel him explore my wet cavern and taste me.I try and fight for dominance I obviously don't win but I try anyway.I let him do what he wants.I taste him he tastes sweet but also sour.

"Aaron I-"

"I got it."

Aaron licks my and heads lower he kisses me on his way down.

"Aaron touch me."

Aaron gladly does but not with his hands.Aaron wraps his lips over my cock that is aching to be touched.I feel Aaron begin to suck me.I moan out Aaron's name.


Aaron keeps sucking while playing with my balls.I feel Aaron's tounge wrap around my cock.Aaron stops sucking and releases his lips from my member.He licks the side of my cock then sticks out his tongue and licks around my cock making it covered in his saliva.Aaron licks the head of my cock.I am now beyond pleasure.Aaron sees I'm close so he stops.I moan when he stops.Aaron takes off my clothes and places them with the rest.I see him grab something out of the night stand.He grabs a clear bottle of lube.

"Hey condom or not?"

"I don't care hurry up."

Aaron gets undressed in a blink of an eye.Man he is fast.Aaron squirt the bottle of lube on his cock.and might I add not that bad looking.Aaron brushes my hair to comfort me for what he is going to do.Aaron pushes in me.I scream in pleasure.

"More Aaron please."

Aaron ram in me.The room fills with the sound of skin slapping skin.Aaron manages to find my g-spot.I scream out Aarons name in pleasure.He notices and decides to continues to hit hit me in that spot.Aaron keeps going intil we can't go anymore.

"Aaron I can't...hold it"

"Me too."

Aaron thrusts into me a couple more times to make me cum.After cumming my my body close on Aaron.Aaron cum into me this makes us both scream.Aaron gets off from being on top of me and slides to the other side of the bed.Aaron holds me in his arms.I smuggle up into his chest while he is still in me and we both go to sleep.

I wake up and Aaron and I are still in bed.I am happy I'm so glad we did this and I have to worry anymore.Aaron wakes up and turns over to face me

"That was great last night so you think your all set now?"

"Yes I am."

I can still feel him in me and I'm happy.He will now always be there for me.

"Maybe we should stay home today."

"Home.Wait does this mean I live here now?"

"Yes but if you want it to be."

"Yes! But I will need to get more clothes."

"Don't worry when you are ready we can go to the mall and by some clothes."

"Ok thanks."

"Anytime Zach."He kisses me again and we both go back to sleep.

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