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I don't relize I fell asleep.Because when I open my eyes I'm in a different room.I don't know this room but I look around.Something catches my eye.I get up out of the bed and walk over to this desk.On the desk there is a picture of the twins and Jacob and some girl I think it's their older sister.I wonder what happened to them.

Suddenly there racket going on outside of the room.I look around for some clothes.I don't see any anywhere around until my eyes hit the bed.There are clothes played out for me and a note on the side of it.My legs start moving to the note.I pick up the note and put it in my pocket.I get my clothes on as fast as I can and run out the door.

I wonder what the note said oh well I'll read it later.I run down the hall to the first set of stairs where the noise is coming from.

"Jarord Joey is everything ok I heard screaming."

I walk down the stairs and see Jarord and Joey talking to someone.Their attentions turn to me and see Joeys jaw drop with drool.

"What do I look bad.I'm sorry I just put this on in a rush because I thought something bad was happening."

I continued to walk down the stairs.I have a blush of embarrassment on my face.

"No you just..Wow"

"Oh thanks."I give them a blush.

I eventually get to the bottom of the stairs.Once I'm at the bottom I notice a shadow.I walk closer to the door.I begin to say something until I notice the face.


I run over to Aaron and hug him.I start to weep in his chest.Words begin to escape from my lips.

"Aaron I missed you so much."

Aaron hugs me back.His grip is how I remember it.Warm and inviting.Aaron pushes my head up to his face so I can look him in the eyes.Aaron begins to say something.I listen to him closely.

"Zach I'm here for you."

"What do you mean?"

"Well Zach I couldn't wait anymore as you can see these to kept me from seeing you."

Aaron gives the twins a scowl.I get out of his grip and turn to the twins.

"I-is this true?"Tears run down my face.

Jarord speaks as Joey looks away.

"You see if we gave you back we would never get to see another only at school."

"What do you mean now?"

Jarord looks at Aaron and says.

"Aaron said to us that he would never let you see us again."


I turn to Aaron and more tears stream down my face.

"No I never said that."

"Oh really Aaron."

Joey holds up a tape recorder and plays it.The voice on it is Aaron's.

"We have audio all over this place."

Tears down my face and I start to talk angerly.

"So you screwed me only to hear me moan."

"No we-"

I put my hand out meaning I had enough.I turn over to Aaron and say.

"And Aaron you can't trust me to be with another guy.I'm sick of this.I want some time alone so please if you guys care for me let be be."

I walk out of the castle and leave with my head down with tears running down my face.

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