Jarord and Joey

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On the way to school me and Aaron did not say one word for a few minutes.Me and Aaron both say something at the same time.We both laugh and Aaron offers me to go first.

"Um so are you gay now?"

I look over at Aaron and he is blushing like a school girl.

"I don't know maybe"

We both arrive at school.We walk through the front doors.Brittany and Taylor are energize until they see me.

"Oh my god Zach What happened?"

"I uh..slipped and fell on my sister's doll."

"Um ok."

"So what are you two so happy about?"

"Here we'll show you."

Brittany grabs my right hand while Taylor grabs my left.I look behind me to see if Aaron is following.He is but he looks a little jealous that's cute.I look forward to see the twins.They are exactly as Taylor described.They are two adorably cute blondes that have a medium build but they have glasses.They are both wearing the same school uniforms.They both turn around and look straight at me.I feel my heart drop.There eyes change from seaweed green to pure pink when they look at me.Oh my god theyes are walking over at me.But why I obviously look bad after the-the rape.I start to cry but my tears are wiped away from something.I open my eyes to see each of the twins wiping one of my eyes.

"Are you ok?"One of the twins say.

"Yeah, but I must look terrible.So why are you talking to me.You could talk to anyone else."

"Maybe because I see someone who needs someone to be there for them."Both the twins say in sync.

Both the twins are starting to get closer to me.They are a few inches away from my face.My heart is melting that they are so close.Before I know it they are both kissing me.I give a dazed look in shock.Their gay.They stop kissing me and Aaron walks over to me and drags me away.This makes me turn back and say bye as if I was a shy little girl who found her true love.Aaron pushes me into the janitor's closet and locks the door.

"What are you doing?"

"Um nothing.You saw what happened they came over to me and kissed me."

"So do you like them?"

"Um I don't know maybe.Wait your jealous are you?"

"Uh no."Aaron is blushing

"Aaron it's ok nothing will happen.But just in case will you watch my back.I still don't feel ready."

"Sure but if they try anything they will die.But not before Jimmy."

"Thank you Aaron.I really have no clue what would happen if you weren't my friend."

I go over to Aaron and give him a hug.Aaron picks up my head and kisses me passionately.I feel like I am on cloud nine and I could die right here right now.I hear the door open it is the twins but their eyes changed color again there purple.Aaron gets pushed aside into the self of cleaning supplies.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"What does it look like.I'm kissing my soon to be boyfriend."

I blush the color of the twins eyes before they saw me get kissed by Aaron.One of the twins grabs Aaron and pushes him into the shelf again.While the other starts to raise his hand ready to hit Aaron.

"Stop it now!"

Both Aaron and the twins look over at me in shock.I start to cry because I don't know who I love more.Everyone walks over to me and starts talking.One of the twins says it first.

"How about this why don't you date each of us.And when your ready you can tell us which you wanna stay with and we will understand."

Aaron goes on with the conversation and says.

"But the one you didn't chose.Well we at least wanna still be friends if that's alright.Is it?"

I begin to cry again.The twins walk over to me and begin to hug me.While Aaron licks up my tears.I look up and say.

"I am sorry but I can't do that yet."

I run out of the closet and go to my first class.I run with tears in my eyes.I can't do this not yet at least.Maybe intil I can go back to my house.I feel my phone vibrate I take out my pocket.It's a message from Aaron he is sorry how him Jarord and Joey have been.I guess I know there names.I reply back saying I just can't right now but I wanna at least tell them why so they don't think it's for not liking them.Aaron replies back saying sure.By the way there in your first period class anyway see you in biology ok.I send back a thank you.I look up to see Jarord and Joey.

"Hey Jarord, Joey."

They both look over at me with yellow eyes full of hope.

"How did you know our names we never told you."

"The guy you were going to hit.His name is Aaron he is my best friend.He told me over the text saying sorry about how you have been."

"Oh ok so what's up?"

"The reason why I can't date anyone right now is because."

Tears stream down my face.They go over to me to try and cheer me up.

"I can't....do it...because...I got raped...yesterday...by my brother."

They are now pale as a ghost.They both hug me.I cry on their shoulders because they are taller then me.

"It's ok we understand take your  time we both will be there for you whenever."

"Thank you so much."I still am crying in there arms.

Joey lifts my head so I see his crystal white eyes.He says to me in his sweet voice.

"If you need anything we are here even if you need a place to stay."

I don't say I am staying already at Aaron's.If I told them I think I will be in deep shit.I don't wanna get raped again.

Hope all like it is pretty long but I wonder what will happen next talk to you all in 2 days Kk bye

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