Only Twins No Aaron

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Jarord drives us home and Joey contuines to play around with me.I glance over at Aaron if looks could kill I would already be dead now.Aaron pushes Joey off me.I then look down and my shirt is missing I look back up in embarssement.I try and find it frantically I can't find it so I use my hands.Turning my head to face Joey and Aaron.Joey has Aaron in a headlock while Aaron does the same to Joey.

"Knock it off you two."Jarord yells at them.

I step in the middle if them only to be the rope in a tug of war match.We arrive home and I see Joey open the door and kick Aaron out of the car.I push off Joey and go to Aaron.

"Aaron are you ok?"

"Yeah, What was that for?"

Jarord rolls the window and speaks.

"Sorry Zach but Aaron had you long enough.And well we want our turn."He says with a devilous grin.

I am dazed and happy I have people that love me.I start to smile.Aaron holds me tight.I turn my head to look at him.

"Well I don't think you will have a turn since I branded him."

My jaw drops and I imeditaly start blushing.Did he really just say that.I look back and Jarord and Joey and their jaws are hanging also.I guess Jarord finally lost hid cool because I can see in his eyes their no longer seaweed green they changed to mint green.I turn back to Aaron and say.

"Aaron I made a deal with you and my other boyfriends and I think I'll stay with them for awhile.Don't worry I won't let them them use me and I have your number on speed dial just in case."

"But Zach-"

"Aaron it's ok I'll be ok."

I kiss Aaron on the lips and slide my tounge in his mouth for one last taste.I know the taste now it's passionfruit my favorite.I wanna do this for forever but I don't wanna get Jarord mad.There is a trial of saliva between us.I turn away and face the car.

"Aaron I love you."

Aaron holds out his hand for me and I walk into the car with tears in my eyes.The door closes and we drive off.I start to cry like I just lost someone I care about.Joey gets closer to me.I cry on his shoulder.

"Zach it's ok."

I keep crying.I hear Joey whisper "What do I do?"I over heard Jarord say"I don't know but do something."I stop crying to realize that they care for me.Even if I am sad about leaving Aaron.I look up into Joey eyes of gold.Hope hm.Joey starts to talk to me but I zone him out.Only to be locked onto his sight.

"Zach did you hear me?"

"Um no sorry I uh um nevermind what?"

"Were here."

I look out the window and what I see amazes me.It's a gigantic castle.I ask them if they live here.Joey nods his head shyly.

"What is it to much.

"No just your rich?"

"Well sorta"Jarord speaks up.

"Have you ever gone to Six Flags around here?"

"Yeah?"I am puzzled.

"Well our grandfather was the owner and when he died.He put us in his will and we are now the owners and rich.Thanks grandpa.May he rest in peace."

"But that's not all he didn't put anyone else in his will only us.So we had a chance to live here without anyone else or we would have to stay with our parents who hated each other in a boring area."Joey says in a monotone.

"Well that explains why you guys have expensive taste."

"What do you mean?"

"You guys have real diamond earrings and expensive designer glasses."

"Oh, Anyway you ready to stop into out castle?"


I hope Aaron is ok.

So sad but it will get better and I know we are overdue for a sex scene but don't worry there will be one I don't known when but there will be one.

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