All Day with Twins

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Happy Valentines day.

I wake up and it's half past noon.Where am I? I remember what happened last night as it hit me like a wrecking ball.I look over to my sides and the twins are still asleep.Their so cute.I get up and go to the bathroom.I struggle out of their grip.

"Man Taylor was right they are strong."

I manage to get out of their grip.But I tumble and fall on the floor in the process.I get up and brush myself off.I turn my attention to the twins who are still sleeping.I walk over to the bathroom and open the door.Once in I shut the door as gentle as I can.


I step out of the bathroom.And I look back at the twins awake staring at me in a grogy state.

"Hey we didn't say for you to get up I need need someone to cuddle with."

"What my brother means to say is that our reservations are not intil 8o'clock so we can relax for a bit."

"Wait you guys already made reservations that was quick."

"We did this in advance because we actually wanted to know well more of you."

I notice Jarord hates to show his emotions while Joey doesn't he wears them on his sleeve.I guess that's something to know.I agree to go back to bed with them.Once I am a few feet away Jarord takes my hand and pushes me onto the bed.

Jarord starts to kiss me while Joey puts his hand up my shirt.Jarord moves me so I am on his lap.Joey moves his hand up higher and Jarord my head so I can kiss him.Joey finally reaches my nipple and twists it.I am still kissing Jarord but a hand reaches my pants.I stop and move that persons hand away.


Both the twins stop and look at me and whisper in my ear together.

"Sorry we couldn't help ourselves."

I blush.Me and the twins watch movies all day long.I start to get Hungary around three and the twins call their butler.The butler walks in and asks for command.

"What do you what to eat? But don't forget to save room for our date."

I won't be a slob so I ask for a grilled cheese.

"You sure our chefs can make you anything you want."

I convince them to let me have a grilled cheese.They finally give in.Jarord gets up and goes over to his butler.Jarord whispers something in his ear.And like that the butler leaves.A few minutes pass and the butler comes back and he has my grilled cheese and a wine bottle.Jarord gets up and grabs both the meal and he bottle.He hands me my meal and walks over to a cabinet of glasses.Jarord walks back and hands us all a glass.

"I don't drink."

"Oh come on today is one day we should celebrate."

"Ok what the hell."

We raise our glasses and Jarord speaks.

"To Zach our new boyfriend."

We drink our wine.I still don't know what it is but I can tell by the taste it was strong.I put the glass down because if I drink more I will get drunk.Jarord and Joey get closer to me.I get nervous as they do.Both the twins kiss me.This is sweet I love this but I wish Aaron was here with me.

By the time dinner comes around we are all dressed and ready to go.The twins hand me some clothes for tonight.I go to the bathroom to go get changed I check out what they gave me.Its a white tuxedo and a coarse of my favorite flower a lily.How did they know? I get on the tuxedo and walk out of the bathroom.I see walking out of the bathroom I see Jarord and Joey in a matching tuxedo black of coarse.But they don't look all that bad in them.

"You ready to go."

"Yeah I guess so."I say in amazement.

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