Aaron's scent

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I am still kissing my new boyfriend.I wish I could kiss him like this forever .To bad I had enough stuff happen today I need sleep.I stop kissing Aaron looks puzzled over why I stopped.

"Aaron I wanna contuine but I need to sleep.It has been a rough day I need to sleep."

Aaron looks upset but he understands.We walk to the bedroom.Aaron picks me up halfway there to place me on his bed.Aaron kisses me passionately on the lips.I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer for a deeper kiss.Aaron pulls off and says.

"I think that's enough for today but maybe more tomorrow."

I blush and nod eventhough I want more.I cover myself in his bed I can smell him.This smell makes me so hot and heavy it makes me want him much more.

"Um Zach I think your getting a little to excited."

I look down and I'm sitting to build a tent.I blush and try covering myself.I don't wanna look like I am enjoying being in his bed but my body says otherwise.Aaron walks over to the bed and covers me up.Aaron says before he goes to sleep.

"Hey if you need help with that let me know.I am here for you."

Aaron goes off to sleep.I blush and look away.I then look down to see if it went down.Of course it didn't.I look back at Aaron to see if he's asleep.Good he's asleep.I better get this down quickly.I try thinking of the darkest wringlest things I can think of.But Aaron's smell keeps me horny.That's it.I look back at Aaron just to make sure doesn't hear me.

I unbutton my pants and slide them off.I put them under the bed.I slide my underwear down my ankles and grab my meat.I can't help it but let out a moan.I start pumping my cock.I arch my body forward to every stroke.I tilt my head back on Aaron's pillows.I let out another moan.


I keep pumping while moaning.I arch my body one last time to cum.The cum spatters all over me and Aaron's bed.I hear a sound so I turn my head to the side to see Aaron getting up.Aaron turns his head to face me.What he sees makes his jaw drop.I blush uncontrollably and try to make up an excuse.

"Um Aaron I can explain."

"Don't have to this means your ready."

"What do you mean ready?"

Aaron walks over to me.I start to get redder if possible.Aaron reaches me and kisses me.

"This is what I meant.I meant Sex."

Sorry if it's sort but you know what is coming up next can't wait.

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