Results part 3

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Rebecca is back.I don't understand why is she here.No one has it.Rebecca begins to get closer and then she starts to clap.What the hell? Now she speaks.

"Congrats you guys.Maybe you guys are not the man whores I thought you were."

I don't know why she is so rude to her brothers.She told me herself yesterday she was happy for them.Then it hits me like a knife to the chest, it makes me think of my family,Me and my sister when we fight an d we call each other names.But we still do love each other after.Then me and....Jimmy.I begin to cry and thats when Jarord grabs me and hugs me tight.

"What's wrong?"

I sob while talking and simply say,

"She...reminds me family.But also....I'm don't have it."

I snuggled into Jarord's"cheat and smile happliy.I can tell they are happy to.But suddenly my happiness soon disappears.Because Rebecca brings us bad news.

"Well since none of you have it that leaves only one other person."

I freeze along with everyone else.We all know who it could of been and then I say it.Jimmy! Jarord hold me tighter.You got to be kidding me, My own brother gave me gonarhha.Now I ball my eyes out and grab Jarord tighter.My own brother gave me gonherra, My brother.Tears stream down my face and get Jarord's shirt wet.Then I feel Jarord run his hands through my hair.Usually this would calm me down but knowing my brother raped me and then gave me gonherra is just too unnerving.

Jarord contuines to try and soothe me.But I contuine to cry I can't believe my own brother gave me it.Between sobs I can hear Aaron and Joey speak up.

"How do you know for sure it was him?"

"Well I have two facts.One is since none of you have it and since Zach was raped who else would be left.and secound here."

"What is this?"

"The results read them aloud please."

"Test results on Aaron Sanders test negative for gonherra.Test results on Jarord Knifeizstens test negative for gonherra.Test results on Joseph Knifeizstens test results on negative for gonherra.Test results on James Flowers test positive for gonherra."

(Sorry if I said their last names I forgot what the were so I made up new ones XD)

I hear Aaron say the test results, I hear Aaron's then Jarord's and Then Joey's.But when he hits Jimmy's name I start crying harder and louder.Why him I can't belive it.But then as I contuine to cry I feel my body start to get constricted.I discide to look up either a handful of tears still in my eyes.My eyesight is blury but I can make out Jarord contuine starting to tense up.But then as he gets tense he then turns back to me and says something.

"Zach it had to be someone.If you have it then someone had to give it to you.And luckly it wasn't us.But it had to be someone, I'm sorry."

I can't help myself but I contuine starting to sob and cry my eyes out.I grip onto Jarord's shirt even tighter and say whatsoever on my mind.I still contuine starting to sob though.

"He still knew that he had it and he still raped me.If what he means is true why did he do it."

No one speaks and I doubt they have answer.Because I sure as hell don't, He's my brother so I should an answer.But now I think don't know him anymore.
Then Rebecca begins to speak.Why her, She doesn't know him, does she?

"Zack I know it's not my place to say something, But there's something you should know."

My attention peaks up and I look at Rebecca.What does she want to say.How he loved me,How he thought I was an easy lay.What? Whatever it is I doubt it will change anything.

"I know your brother.Me and him use to be very close before Rich came in the picture."

I become frozen, She knows my brother.

"You knew my brother?"

Rebecca begins to get closer to me.

"Yeah, but Jimmy always talked about you even when no one wanted him to.Everyday he would say how much of a great brother you are.To be honest I bet he didn't know he had it.One thing you should also know he loved you very much."

I brgin to wipe away my tears.I shyly nod my head, I just gotta keep my faith up.I just gotta believe he wouldn't do that to me.I begin to stand up and walk towards Rebecca.I hug her and happily thank her.I stop hugging her and walk back to my boyfriends.Each of them have a change of expression.I guess they knew I needed to hear that.But Rebecca still isn't done talking.

"I'm glad your feeling better.But I have to tell you this.If I don't tell you I will get fired, But someone here doesn't have gonherra, They have another STD.Zach I think you should read."

Rebecca hands me an envolope.I begin to tear apart the envolope.I read the results and I feel like I can't breath.The paper fall out of my hand as if I lost all grip in holding it.

Test results Jarord and Joey test positive for Clymdia.

(Sorry if the grammar is bad I suck at spelling but oh well)

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