Table for 3

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Hey guys I am planning on writing a new book and I wanna know if you would read it I might make it next month if you like it all the info is on my profile thank love you all.

Me, Jarord and Joey walk out of the castle and go to the garage.We walk down a couple of sets of stairs.Jarord kicks open the door.The garage door fly open hitting the wall the echo chimes throughout the entire castle.

There are cars everywhere.There are at least six or seven limos.But the car that is different from every other one is the car they picked me and Aaron in.Its weird it's just an ordinary car it's nothing special.Why would they have this.

"Hey Jarord can I pick the car this time?"

"Sure Joey."Jarord says with a smile and slight nod.

Joey gets excited again.I see Joey walk over to a viper ferrorii.It has a black tint window but a body coat of yellow with a black strip going down the middle.

"This one this one."Joey screams,

Jarord walks over to Joey to get a better glare at what Joey picked.I walk over too because I don't wanna get left behind.

"Nice choice Joey."

Jarord turns to face me and starts to speak.

"Ready to go?"

"Sure I guess."I say with a blush of embarssement.

Jarord takes my hand and brings me to the viper.I step into the car and Joey shuts my door for me.Jarord gets in the front seat with Joey in the passengers.I hear Jarord start the engine.The purr of the engine sends chills down my spine.We leave the castle with a skid mark left from us.

We get going through every twist turn and back alley way.I am surprised we didn't get pulled over for speeding.we eventually reach the restaurant.Jarord and Joey get out first while I say inside.My door opens Joey takes my hand I step out like I'm here for a movie.I step out and Jarord is holding the door open for me.I walk down the runway to this extremely fancy restaurant.

"I'élegance Magique?"

"Yeah is it to much?"

"No, it just sounds familiar is all."

We stop inside and everyone goes to see Jarord and Joey.

"Jarord, Joey!"

A person out of the crowd round over to bathe the twins.The person is about 5'3 with a medium build black scuffy looking hair with a piercing in his left ear.Strange thing is he has the same eyes that change like the twins.

"J's how have you been.I haven't seen you since Mom split up with your Dad."

Wait what!

"Yeah same but There is someone we want you to meet."

Jarord put his hand around his step-brothers shoulder.

"This is our boyfriend Zach."

This guy sticks his hand and I reach out my hand to grab.

"Hi I'm Zach and you are?"

"Hi I'm Jacob.I guessed you realized I'm their step-brother.But I am also the manager of this place."

Your the manager but your only like seventeen."

"Yeah I know but I bet you didn't know that Jarord and Joey are the owners."

I look back over at the twins.They try and act nonchalantly I give them an evil eye.

"Well why don't I get you guys to your seats."

"Ok thanks Jacob."

Me, Jacob and the twins walk over to a booth.We sit in a booth that is near the window at the front of the restaurant.

"Ok one of our staff members will be with you shortly."

"Ok thanks Jacob."I say to him.

I see his eyes are changing colorful they sparkle when they do.Me, Jarord and Joey talk about hobbies and interests but that's all we get up to.Because when I turn my head to see who our waiter is.I see a familiar face.


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