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Hey guys I found my stuff that I thought was stolen I am so dumb I just misplaced it lol oh well ftw so here is the next chapter.

I wake up and I turn my head over to the alarm clock.It's 9:34pm.I try to get up if I can.Thank god.I look around the room to find Aaron since he wasn't in bed with me.

"Where did he go?"

I go get on my last outfit from my bag and then go look for Aaron.I step out of Aaron's room and wonder around the house to look for him.

"Aaron you around here?"

"Yeah I'm in the living room."

I walk into the living room to find Aaron with his ass sitting on the couch watching a movie.I sit down next to him and smuggle up into his chest.

"You seem a lot better.So have you gotten over you know."I see Aaron golp and then say.

"The rape."

"Yeah." I smuggle up into my boyfriend even more.

"But Aaron since I'm up I think we have to go to my old house to get my clothes.Because the mall is closes now.And I also have to grab my stuff there so we can move in."

I sense Aaron getting angry.I guess it's a bad idea but I have no other choice.Aaron begins to speak.

"I will bring you there and I won't leave your side."

I hug Aaron and give him a kiss.But this kiss is leading much more then a kiss.Aaron bites down on my lip to ask for entrance.I grant him that access.Aaron slips his tounge in my mouth and we begin to fight for dominance.I win this time.But Aaron backs off and say.

"I think we should get going."Aaron heads towards the door while blushing.

I don't wanna stop but I do need clothes.I get up off the couch with a pout on my face.Aaron sees this and gives me a kiss.I hate that he loves to tease me at times.I walk outside with Aaron and we lock the door and walk over to my old house.Hopefully Jimmy isn't there.We reach my house and I knock on the door the door opens and it's my Mom.Thank god.

"Zach you alright? Come in let's get you to bed."

My Mom grabs my hand and trays to pull me in.I yank my hand away from her and say to her nicely.

"Mom I'm just here to grab my stuff...I'm..going to live with Aaron now."

My Mom is in shock of what she just heard me say.Mom snaps out of it and says.

"You sure about this."Tears are running down her face.

"Yes Mom I wanna live with my boyfriend."

My mom understands and let's me go grab my stuff.I hug my mom and thank her for understanding.We walk upstairs I grab my clothes and put them in a garbage bag.Lucky there's only a few thiings in my room I never really asked for anything.Aaron takes the stuff and goes downstairs.


"Wow that was fast."I turn my head and it's Jimmy.

Jimmy slams the door close and locks it.My face goes pale.

"So I heard you told people.Ah and your black eye is gone to.Oh well looks like it's time for round 2."

I scream for Aaron but Jimmy runs over to me and places his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet.

"I see you still haven't learned."

Jimmy puts his other hand down down my pants and puts a finger in.I scream,

"Looks like you were fitted not that long ago."

The door opens and it's Aaron.Aaron runs over to me and punches Jimmy in the jaw in the process.Aaron grabs. My hand and we leave out the house with my stuff.I run back to Aaron house with tears in my eyes.Aaron is behind me.

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