I'm an uncle?????

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I watch as I see Jarord and Joey freeze solid like statues.They don't move like they had relization.Tears stream down my face like waterfalls, someone used them like how my brother did to me.

"How...how did this happend?"

"Sorry Zach, But I think I know."

"No she said she was a virgin!"

"Rebecca you are out of line this time! After all you left during that time for something stupid."

I watch as the sibling feud speed completely out of control.The three of them's eyes change dramatically from their normal ocean blue to a fire red or blood red.But all of a sudden Rebecca yells.

"That's it I can't hide this from you guys anymore.I left because Mom and Dad didn't except me because I got pregnant!"

All our jaws drop in astonishment.I think none of us relized this.

"Mom and Dad told me if I told you guys that they would make your life a living hell, even worse then what you guys were already going through."

I watch as both Jarord and Joey begin cry with confusion.

"Why would they say that!?!

"Because they didn't like the father."

"And who's father?"

"Zach this is related to you.I'm sorry but the father is Jimmy."

My jaw drops as everyone stares at me.My mind races a mile a minute in comprehension of this. So I'm a uncle.Why didn't he say anything, and why did he hide it, he didn't have a reason like Rebecca.Then tears stream down my face for the number of years I never met my niece or nephew.

If you get confused like for anything let me know and I will explain in a chapter or message to you all.

"So how old is she or he?" I whisper with tears.

"Zach well she is almost four years old, her name is Sandra Marie Flowers."

"Can we met her?" My eyes sparkle with hope as I say this.

"Yeah, I don't work this Saturday so I will bring her."

Rebecca Then grabs a scrap piece of paper and pen out of her pants pocket and slowly begins to write something down.But as soon as she finishes she hands the paper to me.It reads Rebecca Knifeizstens 555-1281. She says to call her where to go and for any other things.I nod my head and thank her.

"Rebecca thank you for everything."

I wipe up the excess amount of tears and then turn my attention to Joey and Jarord.Thier eyes turn to a sunshine yellow orange.

"So who was this girl?"

The siblings eyes change yet again as I say those words.The three of them tell me and Aaron to take a seat as they explain what happend years ago, as they they tell me Aaron holds me and I feel safe as I snuggled up into his shirt.Then Aaron puts his chin onto my head and I smile

"I love you guys."

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