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Jimmy finally gets dressed.

"You ready to go to school?"

"Yeah I guess."

Me and Jimmy both go downstairs.

"And this time don't fall."

"Oh ha ha ha."

We reach the kitchen.

"Wait watch-"


Amber is running towards Jimmy.Jimmy picks her up like she weights nothing.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing now."

"Well go to your room or I tell Mom and Dad about the Glitter."

Amber turned as pale as a ghost.She goes away and walks upstairs as if she's a zombie.

"What happened with glitter?"

"Don't worry about it.So we going to school?"


Jimmy grabs his car keys that are on the counter.I get in Jimmy car I take the passengers seat.We are about to be at school if it wasn't for this red light.Jimmy breaks the silence.

"So since your bi who are you fucking or getting fucked by?"

"Jimmy!"I blush beet red.

"What it's an honest question."

"You don't ask that."

"Why not?"

"You just don't." I protested.

We reach school I hop out the car slamming the door.I arrive at school I already missed my first couple of classes.But I am still here for English.

"Hey Zach."

I turn my head a full 180 degrees.

"Oh hi Aaron, What's up?"

"Did you hear."

"Hear what."

"We are getting new kids going to school soon."

"We are?"I ask dumbfounded

"Yeah I heard that they are cute and single dude."

Obviously the next question that came to mind was what gender are they.

"The word around school is that they are going to be going here tomorrow."

"Wait What!"

"Yeah tomorrow."

I wanted to continue to talk.But my stupid English teacher Mr.Trebler won't let us.

"We will talk at lunch."I whisper to Aaron.

I go through the rest of my classes.I hear how the new kids are cute oh their athletic.But nothing about what gender they are.What the hell.Lunch finally arrived I went to go meet Aaron at our usual table with the rest of my friends.

"Hey Zach what's up?"Aaron asked.

"Nothing.But I wanna talk about the new twin students."

"Ok what question you have not been able to be answered already.

Brittany butted in and said.

"Ya, everyone is talking about them.Why haven't got all your questions answered."

"Because I haven't heard if they are boys or girls."I scream in frustration at everyone at the table.

The table went competently silent.Everyone began whispering not knowing if they are boys or girls.

"So does anyone know?"

Taylor was the first to say it.

"No I don't think anybody knows."

"Well that sucks.Well I bet if they are boys they aren't gay just like the rest of the school."

Everyone at the table shrugs and says sorry.

"Ok my last question what do they look like."

Brittany says.

"Um well I heard they are red heads with blue eyes and are at least 5,9 with a medium build."

"Wrong."Taylor gives her input.

"I heard they are a blonde with color changing eyes.But are really tuff and strong."

Aaron then says.

"I think you are both wrong I know for a fact.That they are white haired with green highlights.With green eyes and glasses but are pretty cool but also weak."


I hope Taylor is right.Because everyone I know is either a red head or brunette.I am umber myself but that's different.

We all keep discussing about the twins all through out lunch and the rest of the day.Once school ends I step outside to get a ride home.I check my phone seeing why they are so late.

Honk Honk

I turn my head to see what it is.Oh it's Jimmy who's picking me up.I hop in the front seat and slam the door.

"Hey Jimmy I thought Mom was going to pick me up."

"Change in plans Mom had a work emergency and had to go to work.So I had to pick you up."

"Oh ok."

We didn't speak for the rest of the ride until we got home.Jimmy locks the doors.

"Um Jimmy I think you forgot to unlock the doors."

"Oh no I didn't.You know that thing you owe me.Well you'll soon find out what it is."

Cliff hanger sorry for the wait hope you like I might just change the whole story's plot around though sorry.

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