The Twins+Aaron

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On the way home a car starts to pull up next to us.My first thought is that it is Jimmy.I run back to Aaron.Aaron holds me and resures me that he's got this.The car is getting closer and then in a blink of eye it's in front of us.The window rolls down and the person I see is....Jarord.

"Hey we heard you were in trouble so we came over in a hurry."

"Need a ride."Joey says popping his head out of no where.

"Yeah we actually do."Aaron answers for me.

We get in and shut the car door behind us.

"So what happened?"Jarord says to us in the rear view mirror.

"We went to go get Zach's stuff and I went to go bring the stuff back down and when I came back up."

Aaron's hands get tense.

"Jimmy is trying to rape Zach again."

The car comes to a complete stop.

"What!"Jarord and Joey say.

I start to speak up now and say.

"Yeah he tried to me again."

"Well did he rape you?" Joey says in concern.

"No Aaron arrived in time so I didn't get raped again."

I scout closer to Aaron and kiss him in front of both of them.Both the twins are speechless.Joey is the one to break the ice.

"So now?"


Joey hops over the stick shift to get in the back with us.While Jarord gets out and opens the door to get in.Joey pulls me away from Aaron then Jarord pushes me on the back seat.Joey starts to put his hand up my shirt in the meantime Jarord is kissing me.Aaron is frozen.Jarord breaks the kiss and lifts my shirt up while Joey kisses me now.I let out a moan which kicks Aaron back into gear.Aaron pushes off the twins and yells at them.

"What the hell do you think your doing!"

"Remember what we said."

Joey interrupt to contuine the conversation.

"We all agreed if he dates one of us then he dates all of us."

"But it's different now."

"How?"They all start arguing.

"That's it.I'll date all three of you."

Everyone's jaws drop.But everyone gets closer to me and kisses me.I think their happy.

Sorry it's so sort.

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