The Decision

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Sorry guys I've been busy with school,family and drama butility I don't want you guys to go without so here you are.

I walk out of the castle and walk down the stone pavement.I look back at the house with tears of anger in my eyes.Why would they do this to me.I thought they loved me.I don't relieve I am already a block away from the castle.

"Maybe I should go back and apologize."

A voice in my head tells me not to but I think I should.I continue walk but not toward the castle.I get out of my daze and there's a sign.I read the sign and I'm at the park.I guess this will do.I am about to walk in until I hear some voices I remember.

"Hey Zach"

I look over my shoulder and I see my friend Taylor with Jacob.Huh?

"Uh hi guys? What are you two doing here...together"

They are still far away from me why did I ask that well maybe talking to them I will feel some comfort.I walk into the park knowing they will follow me.I walk in and search for a picnic table for the rest of us.I wait a while for Taylor and Jacob to get in here.What are they doing together oh well I just need to talk to them about this.Jacob and Taylor walk into the park.

"Hey over here."

They begin to jog over to me and sit down.What do I say to them them first about? Me and my boyfriends or wgmhy they are together.

"Hey what are you guys doing here?"

"Oh don't worry about it what's up with you."Taylor says in her usual sly tone.

"Well um..."I look down at picnic table in embarrassment.

"Let me guess it was Aaron"Taylor says.

"I doubt it I bet is was Jarord and Joey wasn't it."Jacob interrupt her comment.

"Well actually-"

"Hey what do you mean I know Aaron was the one that messed up."

And like that Taylor started another fight.Classic Taylor but I don't wanna hear it I need to talk.

"Both...they don't care about me."

"Huh what do you mean?"

"Well one...Doesn't want me talking to anyone only him.I don't wanna be like a dog stuck on a leash but he doesn't care."

I grip my knuckles not wanting to punch something.

"Let me guess it was Aaron.


"Ok so what did my brothers do?"

I swallow hard and then get enough breathe to say what happened.

"The twins they...used me.They used me for sex.

"Oh my god.I'm sorry."

"Yeah but there's one thing about the twins you should know.Jarord and Joey they don't do anything without a reason or gimmick."

I look up and feel tears but I don't say anything.

"I don't know how but that's how they get out of problems and then in with people they love."

"And font tell Aaron that I told you this.But Aaron was worried that if he let you go with them you might love them more then him.And he was nervous that they might rape you again since they are new."

They care.I begin to cry like Nigeria falls.

"Well we have to get going now and I bet with our info you will pick correctly."

"Oh and about why we we're together and what not.Me and Jacob got called by Jarord joey and Aaron to check on you.And me and Jacob. Are frienemies and also cousins.And no I am not related to your boyfriends.Well see ya."

"Gee thanks...Wait What!"

They leave and I'm left to think to myself of what am I going to do.Who do I choose.Some time passes and I made my choice.

"I know who I want."

I am about to get up and leave when something covers my my eyes and then over my mouth.I muffler out some sounds but then someone says to me.

"I'm sorry."

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