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After Rush hour is done playing we put in the secound one then the third.As the movie was playing I got scared and grabbed a pillow and cover it over my face.I dont know who but someone took the pillow away and made me watch the movie.

Shortly after I hear Aaron say "Hey why are you scared aren't you the one who picked the movie? And its not scary."To me hearing his words calm me down I stop shaking amd look up.Aaron goves me a cheerful smile.Right when Aaron was going to kiss me a hand is placed in between me and him.I notice the persons hand has an expensive ring on it.Then it hits me it's Jarord's.

"Hey what's the matter!"Aaron screams.

"Remember what we're doing today."Jarord says this with a straight face.

I hear Jarord say those words and I filled with sadness.I put my head down and I hear Aaron and Jarord talk in a soft tone.I can't hear them but Joey can since he's closer to them.From the corner of my eye as my head is faced down I notice movent.I don't bother to look but thats when I notice someone is sitting next to me.I look up for a split secound and see it's Joey.Joey soon starts to hug me as the conversation contuines.Eventually the conversation stops and they begin to look at me and their facial expressions change.

"Sorry"Jarord and Aaron both say.

I say ok and we get back to the movie.As the movie ends the room is a mess pillows are everywhere and some of us have scratches and bruises from dumb arguments.But no one is talking.It soon contuines to be silent all the way through the secound movie.The third movie starts and no one is talking still.Finnally someone speaks the person that speaks is Joey.

"So what are we going to do when we get there?"

Suddenly everyone stops watching the movie and looks at me.I begin to speak.

"Once we get there you guys have to follow me to where we were before.And then the nurse will give you the same I had to get."I say as I look down at the pillow on the floor.

"Does it hurt?"Aaron says questionably.

"Shorta"I blush as I say this.

The automatically goes silent and blush come across everyone's face.Even Joey who I think has no clue what we mean.If so I wonder what he is bushing about? We go back to the movie after this little conversation.Everyone stays mute as if the conversation never happened.

Half way through the movie I get up from the couch and walk to the bathroom.Then I relize, Wait where's Cookie? I begin to look around for him.My eyes scan the room and I finnally spot him he's with Aaron.Once I see Cookie is ok I begin to contuine to walk to the bathroom.But that's not intill someone says something.

"Zach what are you doing?"

"I'm going to the bathroom."

"Ok, Dont take to long."

Thank god that was close. Now I start to walk to the bathroom.As I walk around the corner I hear them start to talk.I don't care what it is about.Eventually I reach the bathroom.I grasp the handle and open the door.I shut the door behind me and start to think.What if they break up with me? I would be lost if I lose them.What if they know gave it to Mr and hid it from me.Maybe that's what they are talking about.What if Aaron is using me? What if they all are.I begin to cry.No they won't do that to me...would they? Suddenly theres some scratching at the door.I open the door yo find out it's Cookie.

"What's a matter Cookie?"

He pouts and then gives a soft morse growl.I begin to pick him up.I stroke him as he lays in my arms.As I try to stroke himhe growls again.I stop dead in my tracks.

"What's wrong boy?"

Cookie begins to shake and quaver.I notice this and I hold him tight.I think he's cold so I run over to my boyfriends.I reach them and I start to scream.

"Somethings up with Cookie!"

Aaron is obviously the first to be concerned.Aaron jumps up from his seat.Next are Jarord and Joey they jump out of their seats as well.A look of caution comes across everyone's faces.As I look at the twins their eyes turn neon yellow.

"What's wrong with him?"

"H-he's shaking he's growling alot.I don't know I've never had a pet before."

Suddenly Aaron's face changes he is now calm.Then shortly after the twins do too.

"That means he has to go out."Aaron nonchalantly says.

My jaw drops in awe I feel likeva dimbass now.I look down at him.I guess he doesn't know how to go to the bathroom yet.Wait....that means.I begin to gently place Cookie down but that's when Aaron says something.

"He's house-broken too."Aaron hollers.

Oh wow.I begging to pick cookie back up.I hold him in my arms and I hold him tight.Then an idea pops in my head.

"Hey why don't we bring him with us."

Jarord and Joey shake their heads no.As Aaron shugs his shoulders with a look of sure.Jarord and Joey soon give up and let me bring Cookie.We begin to leave and I still have Cookie in my arms.Sweat taste of victory.We are all outside and I put cookie down.

As soon as Cookie is put down he begins to move around but not before shaking his tail.Along with the rest of him.Then Cookie walks over to a tree and does his business.As he does his business I go over to everyone and begin to ask them a question.

"How are we gonna get there?"

"Easy."Jarord says with ease.

Jarord begins to take out his phone and dials some numbers.He dials some numbers for what seems like an eternity.Finally Jarord finishes on his phone and shortly after he puts his phone in his pocket.Lights begin to shine down the road.Oh god what am I in for now?

Sorry for the long chapter.

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