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The police take me away and put me in the police car.The door shuts and I look through the window to see what happened to Jimmy.I see Jimmy taking to the cops and we leave the scene.I always knew Jimmy would never really wanna do this to me.

The male police officer begins yo speak but I relize the face.Before he says anything I interrupt him to say.

"Hey aren't you Brittany's Dad?"

"Yes I am good to see you again well.shorta.I'm sorry about what happened to you."

"It's ok."

"We're going to the police station and there you can tell us what happened."

"Ok thanks."

That was the last word I said the entire ride.I look out this window and think.

I wonder why Jimmy would take orders from Rich.Was he forced.Did he get raped to do what happened.I wonder what the twins and Aaron would of done.

I can't think of them right now.

"Hey Zach we're here."

I zone back in and look at Brittany's Dad.I give him a sly smile.I open the door of the police car and I get escorted in.We walk down two or three halls and past a excess about of doors to get to a room with a table and a couple of chairs.

"Zach do you mind having a seat."


I take a seat and the questions start hitting me.

"So Zach what happened...What happened when you were in the park...Did they ever do anything to you?"

At that last question I start to cry.Brittany's dad walks over to me and hands me a box of tissues.He reasures me that if I tell him what happened he will make sure it won't happen again.

So I begin to tell him the story on how Jimmy raped me and tried to do it again two more times.But I try and say that he was controlled by Rich who had a knife to my thrash ready to rape me.

He is skeptical about this and tells me to write a written police report.He also wants me to undress and give him my clothing because it's evidence.I gladly do what he asks of me and start to take off my clothing.

"Stop stop.No no not here somewhere else."

"Oh ok sorry I guess I'm a little distressed."

"Yeah I guess but here I'll bring you to where you can get changed.We also have clothes for you."

"Oh thanks."

We walk out of the room and he leads me to a new room it looks like a medical room.

"Here our doctor will see you soon."

"Thank you."

He leaves the room.And I wait I begin to put my hands in my pockets and I pull out a note.Oh yeah I forgot about this.I un fold the paper and read it.

"Zach we wanna get something off of our chests.We wanna let you how much we love you.If you didn't know we have audio all over here.But we never turned it on when we did "it".We are not like that and Aaron he came over wanting to have you back because he didn't trust us at all.Who could blame him we are two new kids taking Yup away from him.With us and Aaron we all wanna say we love you."

I begin to cry.They do care I am such an idiot I wish I could forgive them.The doctor comes in and introduces herself.She says to me if I could drop .mt clothes.I do so and take off my shirt then socks and shoes then my pants and stop.

"Mr.Flowers we also need your undergarnements."


I begin nervously taking my boxers off and slide them past my ankles.I am so nervous.My boxers finally come off and the doctor puts them in a bag.

"Um we also need to take a test on you to make sure your alright."

"Ok sure whatever."

The doctor takes out a camera and starts taking pictures and I'm still nervous.

"Um we also have to check down there."

She points down.My face troops in color but I nod because the sooner this is over the better.The doctor does the test and I'm glad it's over.

"Ok we have clothes over there in the corner for you."


The doctor nods and leaves the room.I am left alone to think.Well I might as well get dressed.I walk over to the corner of the room and bend down.

"Well well I know that ass anywhere."

I turn around and see the twins and Aaron.

Sorry for not posting a lot has happened I'm so sorry.

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