Aaron's house

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"Ok we're here and some advise I would lock up your vehicle in this neighborhood."

"Don't worry we got it."

Jarord hands his driver an envople and we all begin to step out.First was me then Jarord and Joey and finally Aaron.Once we all step out of the limo it begins to leave.I wonder what was in that envelope.Aaron then begins to walk over to his house.Me and the twins walk behind him.It's been awhile since I was here.Aaron finally reaches the door.

"Crap hold on guys let me get my spare key."

Aaron soon walks over to a potted plant a few inches from the door.He begins to touch a leaf on the plant that is still growing.Aaron unraveles the leaf.The leaf is hiding a sliver key.Aaron grabs the key and right after puts it in the lock.The door opens and we all soon hear a noise.

"Oh yeah I got a new dog don't worry it's just a puppy."

"What kind of dog?"

Aaron doesn't answer he just walks into his dark house.I step in and turn on the light.When I turn back around I see the dog.It's so cute.I go over to the dog and pick it up and walk around the house with it.I soon spot everyone.

"Oh my god it's so cute."

"I see you found him his name is Cookie he's a pug."

"He's sleeping with me tonight."

Aaron shrugs and continues to show the twins the rest of the house.I go to one of the spare rooms and sit down with Cookie.Cookie lays down on my lap and soon goes to sleep.I pet him slowly and start to think.how am I going to tell them they have to get tested.All of a sudden the door bursts open.Cookie doesn't wake up.I look at the door.Who's at the door my boyfriends.

"Oh sorry Zach I thought this room was empty."

"Hey what's wrong Zach?"Joey says cutely.

Everyone starts to come into the room.Aaron sits on the bed with me while Jarord and Joey sit on the floor.I have no choice now.But maybe they will understand.

"Um well they also told me to bring all three of you with me to the police station.So they can test you guys."

"Ok we will go no problem."

"Yeah bust that's not it.They are also checking to see who gave it to me."

I begin to cry.It would hurt so much if they gave it to me and they knew they had it.A tear drop falls done my face and falls on Cookie.Cookie soon wakes up and looks at me.I see him and my sadness slowly goes away.All of I think that would make me happy is Cookie's cute face.What makes my sadness surely go away is Aaron kiss me.The room soon goes quiet until Joey begins to say something.

"Zach we don't know who gave you it but it wasn't any of us.If us getting tested will prove it for you we will do it.But when we find out who gave you that STD they better hope not to see us."

"Gee thanks Joey...Thanks all of you."

"We love you Zach don't forget it."

"But the STD I did get was gohnerra."

"Gohnerra? I'm pretty sure it's curable."Jarord finally speaks.


I am energized when hear the news.There's at lease some hope out of this.I begin to thank them and try so kindly to ask them to leave so I can go to sleep.

"Um guys is it to much to ask you guys to go so I can get some rest."

"No it's ok.We will see you in the morning."

Jarord, Joey and Aaron happily leave the room.Once they leave I think of the words they said to me.If they are telling me the truth then who gave it to me.I shortly after grab Cookie and put him on the pillow.Just enough so I can lay my head on the pillow.I then go under the cover and go to sleep.

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