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The lights seem to be getting brighter and bigger.I grab a hold of Joey and bury my face into his winter jacket.Joey begins to hold me tight.I guess I'm still not over the rape.I soon begin to think maybe I'm no good.But thats when someone brings me back to reailty.

My eyes open and Joey's kissing me.I fall into this kiss and everything goes away.

"I'm happy....I have you guys."I whisper.

I then try to get out of Joey's grasp so I can go get Cookie.I manage to get out of Joey's reach.So I begin to walk over to the tree in front of the yard and go pick up Cookie.Once I pick up Cookie I turn around and see a white limo.By my guess it must of been parked for a while.Oh well I hope the results are not bad.

So I begin to walk over to the limo with Cookie in my arms.I get to the limo and open the door.I first put Cookie down on the seat before me.I then hop in and shut the door behind me.After I shut the foor I sit next to Jarord.Cookie gets up from his spot and moves over to me and lays down on my lap.I begin to pet his soft ears once he goes to sleep.

"So what are we going to do if any of you come back positive?"I say boldly,

Dread comes across everyone's like a baffling odor.I can tell no one wants to answer that question so I ask a different one.

"What would happen if you guys have a different one then me?"

I glare at Joey and Jarord because I know it was me and Aaron's first time (minus the rape).But for all I know Aaron still could still have one.So I discide to also give Aaron "the Death Glare".No one steps up so I discide to look down looking at Cookie sleeping.Shockingly someone speaks up.

"If anything...-"

I look up and notice Jarord speaking.His eyes change color to a deep crimson.I guess he is hurt.

"If anything promise us that you will still love us."

Jarord because has a stern look across his face.He looks serious.I scan across the limo.Everyone is just as serious as Jarord if not more.I don't know what to say if I say yes everyone will be ok but I won't.But if I say no then I will hurt everyone and if they don't have one I'll lose them all.

Jarord shakes me a little pulling me back.I come back with Jarord having a look of concern.I look away and glare out the window.Knowing they want answer.I don't speak.But I do say something more like a whisper.

"Were here."

I then point out the window.They all look out the window when I point.No one speaks but Jarord who only talks to the driver.Jarord is to busy to notice me getting dragged out of the limo by his brother and Aaron.

Joey and Aaron pull me out of the limo.Aaron slams the limo door.But I still don't stop moving.Joey bolts for the police station enterance.The doors open and soon after close.I look behind me as the door closes still I don't see Aaron or Jarord.Where are they?Joey bolts through the building like a speeding bullet.But our actions don't go unnoticed obviously not in a poilce station.

Eventually get stopped by someone.But who of all people it's Brittany's dad.Joey finnally slows down once he sees Mr.Leabonell.Mr.L slowly approches us.All I'm thinking now is what's going to happen.Mr.L arrives at us and I'm now wondering does he have news to say?

"You two shouldn't be running around in this place.So what are you two doing here anyway?"

One of us don't speak but the other does.The one that does the other person looks at.

"....The Test's...."

Mr.L stares at us with a confused and dumb look at first.But he soon relizes what we said and tells us to follow him.We listen to him and follow him as asked.Joey lets go of my arm and follows behind him.I follow behind him shortly after.

Mr.L makes us turn numerous times down many hallways just intill we go downstairs and arrive at the testing lab.We pause at the door and Mr.L begins to speak.We don't hear him because Joey walks in then Mr.L tells me to follow him.I follow him but I do wonder why Joey just barged into the lab.It's not like him.

"So where are we going?"I asked confusedly.

"We're going to that room I brought you before."Mr.L says keeping his eyes straight forward.

"Oh ok thanks."I give him a fake smile with a fake happy tone.

Mr.L takes the same ways we went to arrive at the lab.We go up the same stairs but different directions.We take a right then a left and a left again and boom we're going there.Brittany's dad opens the door for me.As I walk in Brittany's dad stays at the door.I walk to the center of the room and quickly turn my head.My eyes go to Mr.L.Brittany's dad starts to speak when I turn to him.

"Zach the doctor will see you as soon as she gets the results.If you need anything I will be next door."

"Ok thanks Mr.L."I say with another fake smile.

Mr.L leaves and I get left alone.

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