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I finish getting every last feeling of Jimmy off me.I run out of the bathroom sobbing.I open the door and see Amber looking at me with a look of concern.

"Zack are you ok?"Amber asks generously.

"Well I-"

I pause and look at the door leading to the garage open.It's Jimmy.

"Well what happened?"

I dare not say one word.I run upstairs and go to my room.I slam my door shut locking it.I put on clothes and get a bundle of clothes.I escape through my window.I won't look back I just keep running away from them.I can't be there if Jimmy is there.I don't know if he will do it again.I run away as faraway as I can.I see Aaron's house coming up in the distance.I use what I have left of energy from the attack to get to the door.The door bell rings I look up and see Aaron.

"Oh my god dude what happened?"

"Can I stay here for awhile?"

"Yeah sure dude but you have to tell me what happened."

I walk inside Aaron's house and we go to his room.Once we are both in I shut the door behind us.I begin to tell Aaron what happened.I begin darling my eyes out on his bed.Aaron hugs me to comfort me.

"Oh my lord dude.You know what you can stay here as long as you want."

"Thank you.I just don't know why he would do that to me."

I keep crying I don't wanna look up.Aaron hugs me again.I feel comfort in his arms.Aaron lets go of me and sets up a bed on the floor for me.

"Here you an sleep in here with me tonight?"

"Thank you so much."

I walk over to Aaron and give him a kiss.I see Aaron start to blush.

"Now let's go to sleep."Aaron tries to change the subject.

I go back to my make shaped bed that Aaron made me.I go under the covers and fall in a deep slumber.I wake up to Aaron's alarm beeping.

"Aaron turn that off!"

Aaron turns off the alarm clock and gets out of his bed.Aaron kicks me awake I roll off the make shaped bed and fall.I realize today is the day the new students go to school today.But yesterday is the day I hope I can forget that didn't happen and won't again.Aaron asks me how I slept after everything that happened yesterday.My exact words are.

"I don't wanna talk about it."

Aaron drops the subject because being raped by your older brother is no joke.I am happy I have a friend there for me.I just hope no one else will find out.Then I would be devastated.

I am sorry if it is short but the next chapter will be a lot longer.I hope you guys like this.Thank you for the support please contuine.At least Zach has a good friend.

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