Time Away From Drama

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I hear the story as it is being told and I am in amazement.How could one person use another being for their own gain.I know it sounds stupid but those kinds of people make my stomach crurn.I know I never could say I know their pain, when I most definitely never had.But that was just about that...that user and not how Rebecca got pregnant. I swear I thought Jarord and Joey were going to blow a gasket, just the pure hatred in their eyes made me feel uneasy.Scooting closer to Aaron I try to get calm in his presence.

"And that's pretty much how it happened." Rebecca plead.

Both me and Aaron look over at the twins only to see both of them begin to cry with their eyes still in the color of anger.Knowing it is a family matter I begin to get up and leave, only to be tugged back to sit down.Looking over I see Jarord tugging on my shirt wanting me to stay.Giving a sly smile I walk over to him and give him a hug.But the bad thing about having three boyfriends is you do something with one and the others get jealous.

"Jarord it's ok but at least you and your sister can get along."

Hearing the cries of his brother, Joey walks over to his brother and tries to soothe him.Even though being told this truth I will still be there for them, just like they are for me.But I've been thinking and I still believe someone isn't telling me the truth.

"Rebecca I was wondering something?"

Rebecca looks up from the floor to stare at me.I just watch as she wipes away the excess amount of tears forming in her eyes.I hate having to ask her this but she might know the answer to this better then anyone.Putting my hands in my pockets as tears start to dream down my face.I look at her while bitting my bottom lip and talk to her as calm as I can, which isn't much.

"Um Rebecca my I ask you something?" I say with slight fear in my voice.

Yet all three of my boyfriends look over at me,worried and scared over what I have to say.Honestly I don't blame them anymore.They have seen me get abused by my brother,taken away from them and so much more that any could handle.

"Rebecca when is the trial?"

Still to my surprise everyone looks at me an their faces change like a taste of sour has hit them.I get it if they don't want me to get involved, but its frankly my decision whether he goes to prison or be set free.I have to forgive him for every because it is not his fault.

"Actually the strange thing is I know when.He actually called me from when he was in prison.His one phone call was to me saying he was sorry.And actually I'm going with Sandra."

"Thank you Rebecca I think that will be a good thing."

I wipe away my tears and stand up ready to go.I walk over to my adorably cute pug Cookie and pick him up cradling him in my arms like the little puppy he is.But before I head for the door I give Rebecca a hug,thanking her for everything.But before I leave she reminds me about the diseases. I immediately face palm myself forgetting the reason why I'm here.I swear I would forget my name if I didn't have it mentality stuck in my head.

Almost everyone begins to laugh at me as I have a dumb moment,blushing in utter embarrassment I look towards the floor just to have Cookie whine a bit for squeezing him.If I was to have a mirror in front of my face right now then you could see how red my face looks.As much as I try to get over that stupid moment all three of them give me a seductive look.Worst enough this makes my blush darken,at least Rebecca is controlling her brothers.But there is still Aaron left so it still doesn't make a difference.

I sit back down and hear her out once again.Getting rid of the embarrassment in the room I watch as Rebecca "teases" her brothers.I let out a small giggle.She sits back down along with the twins and we discuss the dilemma.

"So Zach you will be taking these."

Rebecca hands us a pill bottle of dexycycline and a bunch of other pills.I know about dexycycline because when I was little a bacterial infection was forming in my ears,eyes and many other places. But like I said it was when I was little.Not realizing it the older sister begins to talk again.

"Guys listen closely this medicine you have to take everyday.You can not miss a dose or the bacteria will be back and stay longer.And you have to take them all until the bottle is empty.And I am begging you be care with each other, Jarord that means keep your little fella in your pants."

"Rebecca!!!" Jarord hollers while turning a red peachy color.

"Oh calm down Jarord we all know its true."

I can't help but laugh at this under my breath as Jarord asks us all if he is a little pervy.With us all being our honest little angels we are we tell the all dieing truth.

"You are." The three of us proclaimed.

The look on Jarord's face was so cute but being nice I just look at the floor.But that's before I saw Aaron was going to say something.Truth be told Aaron and Jarord don't like each other that much.I cover Aaron's mouth with my hands so he doesn't say anything to stupid.But Aaron being himself finds a way to get his senses said in some way.

Licking my hands in a seductive manner he causes me to pull away and blush profusely. But by the time I realize my hands aren't on his mouth he says what is on his mind.But what he says make me blush more.

"Jarord you are a horn dog searching for a bone.And I know cause your screwing my boyfriend with every chance you get."

Sadly this starts another fight between the two, not to mention they had a fight hours ago.I look at Cookie who fell asleep in my arms and scratch behind his ears.Well at least this one doesn't' cause drama.

Sorry again for the wait but I have to say is Haters gonna hate (°•~•°)

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