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I get pulled away from the bench I was at.I hear a slight commotion before I hear a door open or shut.I can hardly make out but I think they are saying.

"Hey you got him?"

There's muffles in between this and then say.

"I don't wanna do this.I've done enough."

That's the last thing I hear until a door slams.I try to struggle but I'm in an air tight place I think I'm in a trunk of a vehicle.I manage to get the gag out of my mouth but not the rope they just put on me.I sit up with a hunch not wanting to hit the top of the trunk.

The engine start and we drive off.I slide back into the trunk and fall.I have the gag out of my mouth so I let put a cry of pain.

"Ow help me please someone help me!"

A loud bang comes from behind me.Then someone angry speaks from where the noise came from.

"Quiet back there we're almost there."

What are they going to do to me.My mind goes to what Jimmy did to me.I cry I don't wanna get raped again.The engine stops and soon does the vehicle.I back up as far away from the trunk as possible.Some doors slam and I get scared.Whatever they are going to do to me I will find out soon.I hear the trunk start to open.

"Come here Zach."

How do they know my name.I feel something start to touch me.My first instinct is to kick it away.But something holds me down and then grabs me.I feel the cold air hit me I know I'm outside.I can't move but I sense I'm somewhere else.

The blind fold comes off and I look at my captors.The person I see is someone I would of thought would sink this low.But the other is his friend me and him were really close.

"Jimmy, Rich."

"Who else."

I don't look at Jimmy.My eyes lock onto Rich.

"Rich what are you doing? Jimmy what did you do."

"Really you think Jimmy would do this?"

I look over at Rich with a bizarre look.

"Rich what are you talking about?"

"He wasn't the one who wanted to rape you."


"I was"

"What wait then why were you not the one who did it?"

"I was...busy I had things to work on.Now enough of the ideal chit chat let's get to action."

Rich walks toward me.I feel him get closer.I scream.

"Jimmy help do something."I shouted.

"I can't if I do he will kill you.I don't want you dead."

Rich is at me I can't do anything.Rich starts to take off my shirt his mouth clench down on my nipple I scream.But Rich has a knife to my throat so I stop.He gets to my pants and I let out a small scream.

Jimmy begins to walk over to me.

"So you want some action too here hold this."

Rich hands the knife over to Jimmy.Jimmy then throws it across the room.It hits the wall and Rich asks him what he is doing.That's when Jimmy punches him in the face.Rich falls to the ground and Jimmy kicks him when he is down and does this repeatingly.

"Jimmy stop...stop"

Jimmy stops and gets out his phone.

"Hello we need an ambulance and the police here ASAP thanks."

He hangs up and runs to me.

"I'm sorry Zach I can't believe what I've done.I know I don't deserve your forgiveness."

Jimmy is crying I've never seen Jimmy cry before.I am untied loose I step over Rich's body(He is not dead).And then suddenly the cops come and come in the door with guns armed.My hands are in the air and same with Jimmy.The cops take me and Jimmy apart and I look behind myself and mouth out.

"Thank you.I always believe in you."

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