Nurse's news

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Sorry guys for not posting I had the flu for over a week then my dog passed away I'm sorry for not posting but i had to let my dog go I'm sorry.

My mouth drops once my eyes lay on them.Tears start to run down my face.I can't speak I feel so hurt for not trusting them.Jarord is the first of the three to approach me.He wraps his arms around my sides I continue to cry.

"I'm sorry."

"It doesn't matter we all wanna know your safe."

Joey and Aaron walk over to me.They arrive at each of my sides and put a hand on my shoulder.The cold touch of their fingers hit me and I shiver.All of I can say is sorry.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry."

Aaron speaks up his voice is calming.

"You shouldn't be sorry.We were the ones that should be sorry."

"No your wrong I should of trust you now look."

Joey starts to hug my side.I cry because of how they love me.

"Zach did you read our note?"Joey says in a cute tone.

I nod my head with my eyes shut.Once I open them I notice I am staring Joey in the face.Joey's eyes change color bright blue to pure pink.Love.I mostion my head to Jarord his eyes are pink also.My head moves one more time and I face Aaron his eyes can't change color.But I can tell what he feels because we were friends for so long.Love.

"You guys can I say one last thing."A tear drops falls to the floor as I speak.

"Go ahead we are happy your safe."

I begin to cry again.Why.I stammer when I speak and tears slide down my face.

"I recently had to decide who I will continue to date.....And I couldn't choose."

Tears drop down my face and fall on everyone.

"I pick you all."

Aaron breaks the silence.His voice changes to concern as he turns his head to face me.He then finally gives an answer.

"Zach we all don't care if you don't wanna date us.All we care is that your safe mmd you haven't told us if you are."

Aaron begins to cry.As Aaron cries the twins make me look at them.Jarord is the first to speak I can tell he is holding back the hurt.

"Zach we all wanna know...Did he hurt you?"

Once Jarord says this everyone steps back.I don't know why.Did I do something? I look down and I see I am still in my birthday suit.Oh Crap.

"Don't look!"I say as I cover myself with my hands.

"Ha but we have."Joey says in a childish tone.

Jarord and Aaron nudge Joey.I stand their naked and blushing.Aaron starts to crack a joke.

"Well it wouldn't be the first time we saw you naked."

"Look away please."

Jarord and Aaron happily look away but Joey keeps staring.I ask for help and Jarord trys to distract Joey by making him look at something else.I turn the other direction and grab the clothes.My face turns.Are the looking are they looking? Thank god.I turn back to the clothes and begin to put them on.I start with the underwear and I slide them up and hope they don't see me.I turn around to face them.

"Guys I'm-"

Suddenly the door makes noise.My attention goes to the door.The nurse opens the door after she knocks.The nurse is different she is a blonde about 5'6 in a light blue gown.

"Um Zach?"

"Yeah that's me."

The twins soon turn around.As they turn around their faces changed to shock.They soon scream something.



"Oh hello little brothers."

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