The Hours Before the Results

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I open my eyes.The first thing I see is Cookie.Cookie is now on my stomach still sleeping.I begin to pick him up and thats when he starts to wake up.As Cookie wakes up he makes a soft smsll growl.

"Ok now that's freaking adorable."

I now place him back on the pillow and get out from under the covers.My body soon gets out of bed and heads to the door.My body reaches the door and grabs the handle.The handle turns and I walk out of the room.But not before Cookie starts to whine.My guilt leads me back to the bed.I begin to pick up Cookie and cradle him like a baby.Well technically he is less than a year old.Once I hold him I leave the room and walk to the living room.Only to be greeted by my boyfriends.

"Good morning sunshine."Aaron says playfully.

"Hey good morning guys um what time is it?"

"Noon."Joey says cluelessly.

"Anyway how was Cookie? Did he cause you any trouble last night?"

I shake my head vigorously.But eventhough Cookie was drooling on me last night.So I then begin to sit down on the couch with Aaron.I manage to get by Jarord and Joey who are on the floor.I finnally get to sit down and ask them how they slept.

"So how did you guys sleep."I say nonchalantly.

"Ok, had a hard time going to sleep though I was to worried about you."Aaron says.

"Same."Jarord and Joey jumped in.

"Sorry guys for making you worried.But we still have seven hours intill we have to leave.So what do you guys wanna do?"

"Well I guess sex is out of the question."Jarord mumbles under his breathe.

I turn and look at Jarord.He looks at me and I give him the most pissed off look.In my head I say to say to myself.Really the first thing you would be sex Really.Jarord now tries to recover from his last comment.

"It was a joke, I was kidding."

"Hm anyother ideas."

"How about this.Why dont we stay home and watch some movies intill we have to leave."

I get up from the couch and walk over to Jarord and Joey.I begin to walk back over to Aaron's room to grab a movie.My eyes scan across the d.v.d rack and look for a movie.It starts to get hard looking for a movie when Cookie can't stop moving.So I put Cookie down and he starts to wonder away.I then go back to pick a movie.My eyes wonder for a bit intill I see the movie Fast&Ferious.I grab the movie and run back to the living room.I soon hear something when I get close close to the living room.I stop dead in my tracks to listen.

"I hope it's curable."

"Yeah, But if it isn't oh well we will still be there for him.No matter what.

I feel my stomach turn over when I hear this.So I discide to go back to Aaron's room and go get a movie to cheer them up.So as I walk back I try and think of the perfect movie.I got it! I go back to the room grab the movie and run back.

"I got the movie."I say as I wave it in the air.

"Can you hold it still we wanna see what you picked."

I hold the movie still and Joey says the name of the movie.

"Rush hour?" Joey says confusedly.

"Yeah I heard you guys talking and I thought this would help.And guys I know you are worried about me.But as long as there's a chance I wont be sad.Thanks Jarord."

I walk over to Jarord and give him a kiss.I feel bad so I walk over to Joey and Aaron and give them a kiss also.After I'm done giving them a kiss I go to the D.V.D player.I place the Dvd in and close it and put the movie on.Soon after the movie starts to play.I go back to the couch and begin to watch.But thats not intill i a hear a whining noise.I look down and see Cookie.I guess he wants to lay with me.

"I guess Cookie has grown attached to you."

"Yeah I guess so."I say shyly.

I begin to pick up Cookie and place him on my lap.Shortly after I do so the movie starts and everyones quiet.I wonder what the next movie will be.

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