Just Friends Part 2

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Y'all requested so much, how could I not give you a part 2?

You roll your head to your side and see his flush cheeks and that his hair has curled at the edges, framing his face.

"This still doesn't fix our problems, you know."

"Oh, I know, but it makes us feel better."

You roll your eyes and snuggle closer to Shawn, letting sleep take you over.

You wake up to the light streaming in through the giant window in Shawn's living room. Scrunching your eyes together, you groan, feeling stiff and tired. Your back aches and heat floods your cheeks as you remember why.

Shawn's heavy arms are draped over your chest, holding you close and you sit up, pushing them off. Slipping off the couch to check your phone, you see its only 8am. You sit on the coffee table and scroll through some messages.

"What are you doing?" Shawn's gravelly morning voice has your insides turning into jelly. You turn to see his hazel eyes watching you sleepily. You bite your lip, looking at him lying there in only his boxers. He looks delectable. But you shake your head before any more dirty thoughts can flood your mind.

You may have had great makeup sex last night, but it didn't fix the "friends" problem that is weighing on your heavily on your conscience.

"I'm going to shower." You stand up and stretch before sliding the straps of your dress off your shoulders. It drops to the floor with a soft thud. Shawn's eyes darken, taking in your nearly naked body.

"I'll join you." 

You laugh but shake your head.


"Yes." He argues, sitting up and stretching his neck from side to side.


"It'll save water." 

His half naked body is really tempting but, you stand your ground. 

"No, Shawn, I need some space, okay?"

He pouts and you squeeze his soft cheeks. He grabs your hand and tries you pull you on top of him. Yanking your arm away, you spin on your heel and walk sassily into the bathroom, leaving a whining Shawn on the couch. Switching on the shower, you peel off your panties and bra, looking at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes are bright and hair is wild, messy and knotted in a ponytail. 

Without Shawn clouding your every thought, you step into the hot water and mull over yesterday's events.

You really need to have a sit down and talk to Shawn about the whole "friend" situation but you know how good he is at avoiding those conversations, yesterday is proof of that. You confront him and end up in his bed, or couch. 

But it's weighing heavily on your mind and you meant what you said yesterday, he wants all the benefits of a relationship without the commitment. You know he isn't seeing anyone else but you don't want to be played for a fool, letting him use you and then get dumped when he finds someone more exciting. And that is the truth of it. 

Feeling a new sense of clarity, you step out of the shower, ready to confront Shawn and his issues with commitment. 

You towel yourself dry and slip on your underwear from last night before tip toeing out of the bathroom, you make a diversion to Shawn's bedroom and find a t-shirt from his drawers. Pulling it over your head, you pad across the hall to the living room. It's quiet and you can hear muffled speech.

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