hetalia father/mother-daughter scenarios by --ErzaScarlet--
hetalia father/mother-daughter Erza Scarlet
Heres some father/mother-daughter scenarios with the great people of HETALIAAAAAAA. Some characters im doing right now: -Belarus -Canada -France -Denmark -Romano I will...
  • canada
  • prussia
  • romano
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MacGyver Fanfiction ~Angus MacGyver x Reader~ by KateBain
MacGyver Fanfiction ~Angus Kate Bain
When Angus Is kidnapped he discovers he is not alone. only a week after he is taken, he is given a 'roommate'. A girl in her mid 20's, unconscious. his unexpected visite...
  • bozer
  • action
  • rileydavis
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The heart of the alliance (HetaliaXreader) by Aemtha
The heart of the alliance ( Zero/Aemtha
A not so young country, Gleonia, named (Y/n) popped back up in the world and I mean came back from the dead kind of thing. Shocking all countries except her brothers, Bu...
  • countries
  • magic
  • france
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2p Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios by -litttle-princess-
2p Hetalia Boyfriend Scenariosby -litttle-princess-
A Boyfriend Scenarios book of all your favorite 2ps! These are reader inserts and they will contain some adult themes and profanity. But if you can get passed that Enjo...
  • italy
  • france
  • readerinsert
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A Different Virus - Heartfire by CrystalScherer
A Different Virus - Heartfireby Crystal Scherer
People who were bitten by zombies always turned into zombies. Or that was what everyone always said. To get bitten was basically a death sentence. Seizures marked the mo...
  • swift
  • fired
  • sciencefiction
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What The Alpha Says...Goes (boyxboy) Bk 1 by DoUbLeZone
What The Alpha Says...Goes ( DoUbLeZone
How can you love someone you fear? Laken is a werewolf; the runt of the pack. What happens when the Alpha starts taking an interest in him? Rule number one of the wolf...
  • disobey
  • michael
  • thomas
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Maverick and Her Ways (GirlxGirl) by sayinghello
Maverick and Her Ways (GirlxGirl)by Jean
A Catholic school, a best friend with two boyfriends, and a new girl who wore inappropriate clothing. Maverick Bridge only wanted to concentrate on her studies, but was...
  • freethelgbt
  • queer
  • lesbian
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The Sound of Ice by MAndALaptop
The Sound of Iceby M
Cameron Beckett, at only seventeen years old, is an incredibly gifted hockey player. The pressure on him increases when he begins to struggle with his sexuality. [wattpa...
  • gay
  • realism
  • toronto
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loving my best friend [shawn mendes] by mendesslegend1
loving my best friend [shawn v i k
Shawn Mendes Fanfiction. When Kayla Jones move in Canada her life changes. When she meets a little boy,named Shawn in kindergarten,playing all day and everyday,they end...
  • romance-friendship
  • mendes
  • shawn
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The Hijabi's Best Mistake  by Razia101
The Hijabi's Best Mistake by 👑RAZ👑
Copyright© "Leave me alone!" I said pushing at his chest so he would let me go. Every step I took back he took another closer towards me. "I knew I could...
  • islamiclovestory
  • interracial
  • highschool
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Our Strange Love (Complete✔) by Lena-Presents
Our Strange Love (Complete✔)by Lena M.
Seventeen-year-old Riley is what some call a troubled teen. At twenty-four, Eran has the habit of scolding any teen he sees getting into trouble. After meeting through a...
  • school
  • firstlove
  • newadultreads
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Old New Start ; SM by laurkatar
Old New Start ; SMby Lorien.
"... but at the end, they end up together again because they were each other's first true love and they knew that they never stopped loving each other, not even the...
  • musicislife
  • fanfiction
  • love
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Something About Alice Murphy by siennaisa
Something About Alice Murphyby sí 💭
{Was #1 in Mystery/Thriller (4/08/18)} "She was too unpredictable." _______ Alice Murphy is just your ordinary teenager. A fairly popular Junior in high schoo...
  • teenhorror
  • sexualcontent
  • fanfiction
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The new roommate  // S.M by ShawnsLittleMix
The new roommate // S.Mby Jessica
Ariana Parker, an normal girl with an normal life. Perfect grades and does not get bullied. Well actually she hates shool and basically all the teachers and it's hard to...
  • fanfic
  • fanfiction
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
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Living With Boys by NotCrazyYaJustStupid
Living With Boysby Ellaina
Life for her was perfect. She had best friends who were there for her, she had a loving family (sort of), and was well-liked. She had everything rolling for her, even at...
  • canada
  • badboys
  • wattys2018
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Beta's Broken Mate by anonymous_writer_14
Beta's Broken Mateby Maddison Danielle
Completed and Editing!! Maddie James is a 16 year old foster child. She's lucky to have families take her in but it's not the best when they abuse her daily. She's learn...
  • beaten
  • love
  • abused
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once upon a lifetime [shawn mendes] by mendesslegend1
once upon a lifetime [shawn mendes]by v i k
Shawn Mendes Fanfiction. "I love you!" "I love you more!" "It's impossible" "Possible!" ________________________ What happens wit...
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • mendesarmy
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2p!Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios by MiladyMira
2p!Hetalia Boyfriend Scenariosby Milady Mira
Well, for starters; I DO NOT OWN HETALIA OR ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS AND I DO NOT OWN YOU EITHER. This scenarios book could've been just another typical Hetalia Boyfrien...
  • canada
  • francoisbonnefoy
  • love
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Alone by ilneymar
Aloneby ilneymar
Forced to raise her son on her own, Abigail Messi-the sister of well known soccer player Lional Messi-must do it without the help of her baby daddy. Who in this case is...
  • fcb
  • messi
  • davilucca
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Hold On (S.M.)✔ by -shininglynx
Hold On (S.M.)✔by Lynx Day
When Shawn decides to take a break from his career and finish a year of high school back home, his thought of home takes an unexpected turn. Annabeth, a red headed, fre...
  • mendesarmy
  • mendes
  • shawnmendes
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