Jealous Dinner Date

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You were going to have dinner with some of Shawn's old Magcon friends and you were very nervous. You'd met a few of Shawn's friends before and they were all lovely to you but you knew how popular Magcon was and how much it meant to Shawn for you to meet them. So you'd been sweating it and stressing over it, making sure that you made the right impression. You'd put on a simple green dress with black heels and a matching bag. You weren't going to an overly fancy restaurant but it wasn't like this was a Burger King date, plus any excuse to dress up and you were there in a heartbeat.

You'd been placed between Cameron and Aaron, opposite Shawn and Nash. Shawn introduced you to the others before turning to chat to Nash. You felt a bit out of place, firstly being the only girl and secondly, as the others joked and had good banter, obviously knowing each other much better than you did. They all asked Shawn about tour and how he was doing. You'd intensely studied the menu, although you had already decided what you wanted to eat about 5 seconds after you received the menu. You were thinking about making up excuses to leave so you could go home and escape this social situation. Usually, you were fine with new people when you had Shawn with you, who did all the talking and charm but now he was preoccupied and you were starting to get really panicky.

Cameron turned to you after making a joke to Taylor and began to ask you about your home and what you were doing while out in LA. He made you feel at ease with his charming smile and warm eyes. You began to unwind and you chatted to both of the boys beside you. Cameron started cracking jokes and you laughed, covering your mouth and throwing your head back. Cameron was in stitches along with Aaron. Shawn turned to see who was making so much noise and frowned at the sight of you gripping Cameron's shoulder for support after laughing so hard. You caught his gaze and smiled at him but Shawn turned his head back and continued talking to one of the Jacks.

After that the dinner was easy, you chatted about different things to numerous boys and felt comfortable. Eventually when the evening came to an end, you felt kind of sad and you all agreed to meet up again soon. You walked out into the car park with Cameron as Shawn and Carter walked further behind, chatting. You were exchanging numbers with Cameron as Shawn grabbed your hand and pulled you forcefully to the car. Cameron laughed and put his phone away before giving you a wave.

Shawn didn't bother opening the car door for you and he stomped round the other side and slid into the driver's seat. You were slightly confused why he was being so moody but you decided to leave it. Maybe someone had said something about him joining Magcon again and he got pissed off. You didn't blame him, what with every Q&A at each show, at least one person would ask him whether he would ever go back to Magcon. It was like a really bad joke.

You opened the car door and slid into the soft leather of your seat. You had your hands in your lap and sat silently for the car journey, the sound of the radio playing softly in the background was the only noise. You wondered why Shawn was so angry. You glanced at him and his jaw was clenched and his knuckles white on the wheel. Jeez, someone had pissed this boy off and you didn't want to be in the firing range when you got home.

Shawn pulled up into the drive and barely parked the car before leaping out and leaving you sitting on your own. Maybe it was better to let him cool off before you went into the house. You waited about 5 minutes before you saw the front door open and Shawn looked at you in the passenger seat.

"Get out of the car." He said and you sighed before hopping out. You had to mentally prepare yourself for whatever rant Shawn was about to give.

You entered your house and slipped off your heels in the hallway before rounding the corner to the lounge. Shawn was pacing the room, hands roughly pushing his hair from his forehead.

"What's up?" You asked, sitting yourself down on the sofa. Shawn stopped pacing and turned to look at you. He looked good, with his tight black t-shirt stretched across his toned body and his black skinny jeans.

"The sky, Y/N. That's what's up." He said sarcastically. Oh damn, he was pissed af.

"Okayyyy." You said, slightly confused why he'd decided to suddenly be pissy. You crossed your legs on the sofa and wondered how to approach this new pissed off Shawn.

"Do you fucking like him?!" He seethed through gritted teeth.

"Excuse me?"

"Answer the damn question."

"Who?" You were well and truly confused now.

"Cameron." Shawn spat his name out and everything seemed to click into place. Shawn saw you and Cameron laughing and joking around and obviously thought you guys were flirting.

"Oh my god Shawn, of course not."

"Well that's not what it looked like." He turned to look at you and you swallowed as the vein in his neck was popping out.

"You were all over him, like you couldn't care less about me. Making jokes like you two had been friends for years."

Okay, that was it. Shawn can accuse you of being over friendly but full out flirting? With Cameron of all people? And then underestimating your feelings for himself. Nope, not cool.

"Are you hearing yourself?! I went to that dinner because of you Shawn. I wanted your friends to like me, I'm not amazingly good with people, especially people that mean a lot to you like those guys, so I was trying to be friendly and social. No, I don't like Cameron like that, he's cool and fun but I have you. Why would I want anyone else?" You said the last part softly, almost asking yourself. Of course you knew you weren't flirting with Cameron, sure he was hot and sweet but definitely not your type and way too high maintenance.

Shawn's face softened and his shoulders sank as he sat down on the sofa with a thud. He leaned his head into your shoulder.

"I'm so sorry. I was worried you might leave me for someone else, I get nervous sometimes that me being away a lot, makes you love me less and that you might find someone better, who can spend more time with you." Shawn confessed, looking at you with his gorgeous brown eyes.

"No, don't ever say that. You're all I want and all I need okay? Don't ever think otherwise, you hear me?" You pretend to knock on his skull, making sure he understood what you were saying. He nodded and kissed your arm before snuggling up to you and sighing.

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