Family Connections

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Nervous doesn't even cut it. You're practically shaking from head to toe with fear, excitement, anticipation.

The door handle twists, clicking as the door opens ajar and your heart beats so wildly in your chest that you're worried you might faint. This moment, is the moment you've been waiting for.

But let's see how we got here first, yeah?

You've loved Shawn since Magcon, because to be honest, who hasn't? That dark haired giant stole your heart right before he stole every other girl on the planet's heart too. But unfortunately for you, he doesn't know you exist. Yet.

Finally, after much begging (almost tragically) your parents are letting you go and see Shawn live for the first time. You saved up for weeks in order to buy tickets, then bought your own travel too because you don't live far from the venue but your parents won't drive you. They're sweet but they don't believe in the fan girl life. Sometimes you wonder if your parents are aliens, or were born in the 1600s because they don't understand anything to do with fandoms or even gigs.

So, today's the day and not going to lie, you're VERY nervous. Mainly because you're going on your own. It's your first gig ever and your friends aren't huge Shawn fans (weird, I know) so you've ended up going by yourself. You're hoping to make friends there, after all you have that one hunk of a Canadian in common.

When you arrive at the venue, it's already busy. Doors open any minute and screaming girls flock every entrance. You've never seen so many people in one space, all wearing Shawn merch and chattering excitedly. It's an overwhelming experience and your stomach twists nervously. The security begin to scan people's tickets and you join one of the lines.

The two girls in front of you turn around and smile and soon you're all chatting about Shawn. They're from your city too and they've seen Shawn every time he's there. They've met him outside his hotel a bunch of times and you're kind of jealous. Your parents would never let you spend your day waiting outside his hotel. The more you think about it, the more sure you are that your parents are aliens.

Once you're through all the bag checks and body scanners, you wander around for a bit. The girls in front of you had seats quite far away from you but they gave you their Twitter @ so you can message them after the show and you'll get the train back together. They were nice and you're glad you've made some friends.

You decide to go to the bathroom before the show starts but the line is a mile long so you walk around, trying to find another set of bathrooms.

You find a quiet section after walking for a few minutes. Less people are milling around and you see the bathroom sign with only about 4 people waiting in line. You join the end of the line and the woman behind you turns around.

"They never have enough stalls, do they?"

She's tall, much taller than you and brunette. She has kind eyes and you smile. She looks slightly familiar but you can't place her.

"Nope they never do. You'd think they'd learn from these type of events."

She laughs and the line moves forward.

"How long have you listened to Shawn for?"

You're kind of surprised, you assumed she's someone's mom but maybe she's here for Shawn? Each to their own, although she looks old enough to be his mom.

"For a while, since Magcon really."

She smiles broadly, nodding. Damn, she even knows what Magcon is.

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