Virgin Part 6

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You nod, smiling and turn to see Shawn sitting back down with his date, his hand trying to discreetly cover his neck. His eyes catch yours.

Game on.

You arrive home late, deciding to go to a bar with Catherine after dinner. If Shawn is going to act like the sexual tension between you two doesn't exist and go on a separate date, then you will too.

You had a couple of drinks, talked to a couple of guys but you hadn't walked away with anyone's number. You'd explained what had happened in the restaurant to Catherine and she wasn't even surprised. She was hella proud that you gave him a giant love bite though. Yeah, you were proud too. Y/N team 1 - Shawn team 0.

You bet the score won't stay like that for long and you half expected Shawn to turn up to the bar too. He didn't, thank God and with him out of sight, you could finally loosen up a little. Only a little because out of sight does not equal out of mind and this man plagued your every thought.

But now back at home, tonight's emotions (fuelled with some alcohol) come back full force, crashing into you like a tidal wave. Your heart feels heavy, your mind foggy and you're so damn tired.

You slip off your dress, dumping it in your ever growing laundry basket when a knock raps at the door. You're surprised, it's 2am and no one bothers you at night.

Slipping on a night gown, you creep down to the front door. You've never used the peep hole, as usually the only people who knock are delivery people or your neighbours, but you're really considering it in this potential serial killer situation.

You stretch up onto your tippy toes and roll your eyes at the sight of Shawn leaning against your door frame with one arm. The dress shirt that he wore for his date is rolled up to the elbows and unbuttoned a little down his chest. You're silent, tempted to leave him at your door because God knows how mad at him you are.

"Y/N I know you're there, I can see your shadow under the door. Just open up."

Oh dang, you were so close. Sighing, you fling open up the door and Shawn lurches in, not realising how quickly you'd respond. He tumbles down and both of you crash to the floor. Legs, arms and bodies tangled up in a mess, you're sure you've woken every resident in this building.

Shawn's body feels so good against yours and you have to suppress a groan. Play the game Y/N.

"Get off me, you human giraffe." You slap Shawn's arm and he rolls over onto the floor next to you. He grins lazily and you realise that he's drunk. VERY drunk. You sit up, annoyed that he's come to your flat, probably driven under the influence and fallen through your front door.

You rub a patch on the back of your head which you smacked onto the hard wood floor when Shawn fell into you. You turn to him and he smirks, eyeing up your gown which fell open during the scramble. Your white bikini panties are on show with a white lace bralette. You slap him again, on the head this time.

"Ow, what was that for?"

"You know what it's for dumbass." You huff and get up, leaving Shawn sprawled on the floor as you close the front door, silently praying that your neighbours are all deaf and didn't just hear that loud crash which is Shawn Mendes. You tie your robe tightly.

"You're being mean Y/N."

Wow, why is drunk Shawn such a baby?

"What are you doing here Shawn? It's 2am." You're moody too, now he's just messing with you and you're exhausted. You fold your arms over your chest and stand with one hip popped out.

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