Virgin Part 5

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"I see Y/N. Well see you around I guess."

And with that, Shawn takes 4 strides, out your bedroom door and out the front door, closing it behind him. You're stunned. Confused. Hurt. Angry. So many emotions run through you and you fall to the floor, shivering. The tears fall again and you're so. Damn. Done with crying.

You sit on the floor, in the cold air con of your flat for what feels like forever. Hurt people hurt others. You were hurt so you'd lashed out and now you've hurt Shawn. Is that why you're crying? Or are you crying at the realisation that your love isn't reciprocated? That Shawn almost mocked you for having feelings? What about all of the above?

With a heavy heart, you sigh. What has your life become? Your job is a mess, your parents miss you and your friends, well God knows where they are.

Your phone buzzes from your bed and you barely make a move. Everything hurts. You feel your hair drying on your head, sticking to your wet body and you're vaguely aware that it'll probably tangle if you don't get up and brush it. You sigh again and heave your lead filled body off the wooden floor.

You see a text from one of your friends, Catherine and open it.

Hey, you around?

Around? Yes. Wanting to socialise? No.

But Catherine is sweet and you don't want to hurt her too, damn you've already done a great job with Shawn so let's tone it down.

Sure, what's up?

You text back and go back to your drawers before realising Shawn stole your only cute pair of clean panties. Right, time for the bikini. You find your white string bikini and tie it at the edges. It's slightly tight but it'll do. Your phone buzzes again.

Dinner? 7pm?

You glance at the clock and notice it's already 5:15. Damn you need to start getting ready if you want to actually be on time.

Let's do it!

Catherine texts you an address, a cute Italian restaurant and you find a nice summer dress in your wardrobe. The Cali heat has cooled a little and you grab a jacket in case of artic air con. After putting on some makeup and checking yourself over, you grab your eyes and walk out into the setting sun.

Catherine is waiting at a table when you walk in. She gets up and hugs you, you're suddenly glad of the physical contact, man you need a hug. Squeezing her tight, you sigh.

"So, I want to know everything, work, your love life, how your family are."

You know from Catherine before you'd moved to LA, she was a year older than you in high school and when you'd moved out here, she got in touch, offering to show you around. You two had grown closer and usually met up at least twice a month.

You're so ready for a familiar ear to listen to your whole rollercoaster of a weekend. You order and wait until the waiter leaves, because you don't want anything getting out to the media, before launching into the novel which is your current situation.

Catherine's emotions change throughout your vivid storytelling, she's firstly mad at Jacob's behaviour at the club, smug that you slept with Shawn (she always said you two would hook up although you had always vehemently denied it). Her face morphs to horror when you recall your encounter with Jacob in the bathroom today and surprise when you tell her about Shawn in your apartment this afternoon.

"Holy shit and here I am thinking that I have a wild life." She takes a sip of her drink, laughing at the crazy story.

"What do I do CeeCee?" You use your old nickname for her and she pouts at your question.

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