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Trust In Me: Shawn Mendes ✔️ by flamingshawn
Trust In Me: Shawn Mendes ✔️by -A-
Life's fun when you have a child and are trying to meet someone. Shawn Mendes meets Heather Flores. Enjoy the laughs, the tears, the oohs and awes. 2 in #shawnmendes 25...
  • trust
  • love
  • heather
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INTERNET CRUSH ➟ SHAWN MENDES by lilsthehumanbean
"how the hell is he even here, david?!" "with the help of my friends at seatgeek." the youngest member of the internet's most popular squad starts tr...
  • shawnmendes
  • zanejihazi
  • vlogsquad
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Hired // Shawn mendes by queen_of_muffins
Hired // Shawn mendesby Queen of muffins
" your hired . But that doesn't mean I like you " he said
  • shawn
  • hate
  • selena
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The Fuckboy ~S.M.~ by YahGurlAndrea
The Fuckboy ~S.M.~by Andrea ^•^
She's a nerd with a hard life... He's a arrogant fuckboy with a easy life... How will this end... ---------------------------------------------------- "What do you...
  • nerd
  • fuckboy
  • oldmagcon
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Together Forever | A Shawbrina Fanfic by gmsabrinacarpenter
Together Forever | A Shawbrina gmsabrinacarpenter
This story shows the development between Shawn and Sabrina's relationship in the course of time, from stars that tour together and collaborate to become man and wife wit...
  • song
  • corbrina
  • shawn
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The Exchange Student | Shawn Mendes Fan Fiction by whoisms
The Exchange Student | Shawn Michel S
Being an exchange student should be fun, right?
  • homesick
  • love
  • mendes
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'Can't forget that smile' [Shawn Mendes]  by _shawnmylove_
'Can't forget that smile' [Shawn Marika
"Malia?", my dad distracted me, "Do you remember Shawn?" Started 06/02/19
  • vacation
  • teen
  • shawnmendesfanfiction
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Small Bump - s.m by mendescullen
Small Bump - s.mby 🥀🥀🥀
"You are my one and only, you can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight. And you'll be alright."
  • fanfiction
  • shawnmendes
  • shawn
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why; shawn mendes by lvshslut
why; shawn mendesby e 🎱
so tell me why you still love me ©2018 lvshslut
  • love
  • humor
  • fanfic
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hired // shawnmendes by ohthestoriestotell
hired // shawnmendesby jasmin!!
"stop doing that!" "doing what?" "acting like you like being with me one second and acting like you hate me the next!" "i think you fo...
  • mendes
  • shawn
  • shawnmendes
Red Lingerie//Shawn Mendes by noahxshawn
Red Lingerie//Shawn Mendesby spider-man
how could a photo lead to something so beautiful
  • shortstory
  • love
  • lingerie
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one more chance; sm by bossmendes
one more chance; smby -P
Shawn left her four years ago, without any explications. They will see each other again, but will Hope forgive him for leaving her? [ real life x social media ] - ❥star...
  • shawn
  • fanfic
  • mendesarmy
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Mr. Mendes by SureOfMyselff
Mr. Mendesby SureOfMyself
His hands sneaking slowy under my shirt, inching it up. Fingers ghosting over my warm belly. I feel my heart pumping so unbelievable fast. My cheeks so hot. I lift my ha...
  • affair
  • hot
  • 18plus
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the bad boy [s.m.] by xobabymendesxo
the bad boy [s.m.]by xobabymendesxo
"Why do they call you the bad boy?" She asked. "They're afraid of me... of what I can do to them." "Oh." "Are you afraid of the ba...
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • boy
  • fanfiction
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due date // s.m by mendessi
due date // s.mby (:
what happens after a one night stand in toronto between two strangers?
  • jackgilinsky
  • magcon
  • shawnmendes
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Shawn Mendes x Reader Imagines  by XxMuffinGurlxX
Shawn Mendes x Reader Imagines by XxMuffinGurlxX
Just a bunch of imagines between you and the world famous, Shawn Mendes. I do not do smut/lemon...enjoy :) Achievements: 14th mendesarmy - 14 December 2018 94th shawnme...
  • dating
  • shawnimagine
  • inmyblood
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Never Be Alone//Shawn Mendes by katielag55
Never Be Alone//Shawn Mendesby katie
He was popular. She was a nobody. All he wanted was to make her feel special, for her to never be alone.
  • romance
  • mendes
  • shawnmendes
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Morning Reality | Shawn Mendes by lostindobrik
Morning Reality | Shawn Mendesby 𝙲
Presley Kent is an inspiring singer with a one in a life time opportunity. Her manager Joe landed her a deal no one would ever pass up. Netflix reached out and gave Pres...
  • mendesarmy
  • love
  • presley
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He gave me a reason • Shawn Mendes by inezwennermark
He gave me a reason • Shawn Mendesby inezwennermark
Camilla used to be happy, nice and fun to be around. Now, thanks to Brian, she's depressed, lonely and thinking about suicide. Can a text from a stranger change that? He...
  • romance
  • depressed
  • shawnmendesfanfic
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Arranged- (s.m)  by HoneyBeeMendes
Arranged- (s.m) by Shawn Mendes 🍯
Serenity Rivers has an arranged marriage to Shawn Mendes in the matter of days. How will they cope together after marriage? Will they fall in love after this marriage br...
  • marriage
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • shawnmendes
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