Lights On

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You're in a fancy, hotel bathroom staring at yourself in the mirror, wondering how you got yourself into this. Well, it started with Shawn.

A few weeks ago, you got home from work and decided to take a shower. Shawn came back after a day at the studio and seemed to get inspired by your naked body in the shower and said he wanted to do a music video with you and of course, the shower. Obviously, you said no, you have boundaries and plus would Shawn really like you naked or close enough, in front of a whole crew? He listened and did admit that he wanted your body just for him but also said that you'd be in underwear and that there would be a small crew. You still didn't agree.

So, he went to have a chat with Andrew about the whole idea, he'd envisioned you guys going back to a hotel in the evening and the video shows the progression of your relationship. He still wouldn't tell you what song it would be for. You didn't want to ask because you still weren't sold on the idea and if it was a song like Bad Reputation you could imagine a heated sex scene and you're definitely not ready to create a very professional looking sex tape.

Shawn didn't mention it for a nearly a week and you were starting to think that he'd dismissed the idea after you'd said no. You were looking forward to a little break from work for a week and planned to do absolutely nothing for the whole time.

You came home after another long day and you opened your flat door to candles and little sticky notes saying "follow me". You were surprised to see Shawn sitting on your sofa with his guitar in his hands. He began to sing and you recognised the lyrics. He was singing Lights On, which was one of your favourite songs. Then everything clicked, Shawn was doing a music video for this song. Your heart melted a little as he sang the bridge. Although you still weren't 100% sure about being in Shawn's video you'd warmed up to the idea a bit knowing that it'll be for one of your favourite songs on his album.

So, here you are, standing in a super expensive hotel bathroom, looking at yourself in the mirror. Your makeup is minimal and your hair is combed back behind your ears because you're about to film the shower scene. Shawn and the crew had given you a few minutes to prepare. After a lot of back massages and cuddles, you'd be convinced into being Shawn's love interest for this music video.

Someone knocks on the door and you see Shawn open it in the reflection of the mirror. He smiles as he sees you in a pink, silky bath robe with nude swim wear underneath. He hugs you from behind and kisses your neck.
"Thank you for doing this baby, this is going to be the best music video ever."
You smile at him and press your hand to his cheek while looking at both of you in the mirror.

"OKAY WE'RE ROLLING IN 5." You hear a crew member yell outside and you get butterflies thinking about what you're about to do. Shawn gives you a last kiss.
"You'll do amazingly okay baby?" You nod and he closes the door behind him. You take one deep breath and then opens the door to the camera crew. They begin to set up lighting and the camera positions and you watch as they get their framing right. You go for a rehearsal but don't actually shower yet. You go through the motions and soon they're ready to shoot. You can see Shawn in the other room, watching the monitor.

You slowly shimmy off your silk robe, looking sultrily at the floor and in the mirror. You step into the shower and the hot water cascades over your neck and body. Your hair gets wet and you run your hands through it. Every action you do makes you feel sexy. The director calls "cut" and someone brings you a towel to dry off. You walk out of the bathroom and Shawn is sitting in the bedroom, biting his lip as he watches the footage back.
"Damn, you looked amazing." He murmurs as he gets up and hugs you. This is probably the most nerve wracking and empowering experience ever.

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