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A/N- I realise that this might not be the team that Shawn supports but just enjoy the imagine please 😂💗 (p.s please vote!!)

You finally had a day off from your busy work schedule and Shawn was out watching the hockey game; the Montreal Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs.

You never cared much for hockey so while Shawn was out, it gave you the opportunity to clean your house. He left early to pick up some friends and eat before the game so you had cleaned the bedroom first, done some laundry, scrubbed the bathroom spotless and vacuumed the living room. The door bell rang while you were ironing one of Shawn's many black t-shirts and you put the iron on the board face up, before walking into the hall.

"Special delivery for Miss Y/N." A delivery man was holding a medium sized box. You smiled and signed for it and closed the door behind you. You didn't usually get packages unless you ordered something online but the address was handwritten on this one.

You gingerly placed it on the kitchen table and went to go and find some sharp scissors in the drawer. You cut the tape and pulled apart the box. Inside was an envelope with some tissue paper covering something soft. You opened the envelope to reveal a postcard with a photo of the Notre Dame Basilica. You turn it over and see your best friend from home's scruffy handwriting. She had been travelling Canada and she said that she saw this and immediately thought of you. She also said she'd seen lots of moose and missed you so much. You felt a little emotional, considering that most people didn't send postcards anymore and you guys FaceTimed at least every month. You teared up a little when she made a reference about when you two were in college and you went on your first night out and got lost on the night bus and stuck in the rain.

You put the postcard aside and pulled apart the tissue paper. Inside lay a Montreal Canadiens jersey. You pulled it out and laughed before snapping a photo of you in it and sending it to your friend. You put it back in the box and got back to your ironing. Shawn texted you saying he'd be back in an hour, the game had finished and the Maple Leafs lost. He said the queue to get out of the arena car park was terrible so he would be stuck for at least 30 minutes. You decided to prepare dinner for him.

Shawn got home later than you expected and picked you up, spinning you around when he saw that you'd made pasta for dinner. He ranted about the game as he ate, calling it an "unfair win". You giggled at his competitiveness and did some washing up while he chatted. He thanked you for dinner and went to have a shower.

You showered after him and smiled as you pulled out your new jersey. You weren't 100% sure that Shawn would take it well but you thought it would be funny. You slipped it on along with a pair of sleep shorts before climbing into bed. Shawn glanced at you for a second before he turned to you completely.

"I can't let you into bed wearing that..." he spoke as you moisturised your legs. You screwed the lid on the pot and put it on the bedside table, pretending to play dumb and not having eye contact as Shawn looked at you.

Finally, you looked him in the eye and sighed, pretending to be pissed that he's complaining about what you wear to bed.

"Really?" He just looked at you seriously and nodded.

"I can't have a Canadiens shirt in my bed, it's bad luck."

Smirking internally, you nodded and sat up on your knees before pulling the shirt off so you were topless.

"How about now? Can I come into bed now?" You smiled knowingly and straddled his lap, watching him sit up straighter to be closer to you. He just nodded with what could only be described as a shit eating grin on his face as he pulled you against his toned, warm chest before kissing you.

"Now you can..." He spoke before rolling both of you over, "but remind me to buy you a Maple Leafs jersey as soon as possible." He chuckled as he started kissing down your neck.

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