Missed You

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{Maybe a little mature?}

Pressing play on your phone, the soothing voice of Ed Sheeran floods your earphones, immediately making you feel calmer. You take a deep breath, hoist your bag onto your shoulder and push your way through the bustling crowds of JFK airport. 

After fighting some angry woman for your luggage, apparently you're not the only one with a bright yellow suitcase with a blue ribbon on it, you managed to shove and squeeze through the other travellers to the taxi rank by the exit.

Finally letting yourself relax, you slide into the cab's seats and give the driver the address of the venue.

Shawn's performing tonight, its his 11th show on the North American leg of his tour and you're planning on surprising him before he goes on stage.

After long negotiations with your boss for a day off, you'd booked a plane ticket last night, discussed the plan with Andrew and hopped on the 6 hour flight this morning from LA to New York City.

Watching the city whizz by, your stomach is bubbling with nerves and excitement. You haven't seen Shawn for just over 2 months as he's been busy doing his own tour as well as promo and other gigs. Of course, you two FaceTime but it's still been so long since you actually hugged him. So, you'd decided to make the trip and go out and see him.

Everyone else is under strict orders not to tell Shawn anything about you surprising him, so you've planned with Andrew that you'll let him know when you're outside the arena so he can let you in via the back door while the others distract Shawn. It honestly feels like an Ops mission and you're nervous but also excited to see Shawn's reaction if it works out. 

The taxi pulls up at the arena and you pay the driver before sliding out and messaging Andrew. Swinging your bag over your shoulder and pulling your suitcase close, you wait on the sidewalk. Remembering that fans queue up early, you walk away from the front of the arena, worried you'll get recognised and the plan will be ruined.


Andrew jogs out of a side door and waves to you. You grin and have to stop yourself from skipping to him. You're a ball of excitement, ready to hug your boyfriend after so long apart.

Andrew wraps his arm around your shoulder and gives you a quick squeeze.

"How was your flight?" You make small talk as you walk in through the door to backstage. You can hear familiar voices; Jeff, Brian, Connor. You grin with anticipation. 

"Just in here..." Andrew opens a door to reveal most of Shawn's crew and your oblivious boyfriend, lounging around on the couch. He doesn't look up when the door opens, obviously engrossed in something on his phone.

"Y/N!" They all cheer, some knew that you'd be coming for this show, but most didn't. You manage to drop your bag on a chair before they jump up and envelope you in bear hugs. They play fight each other too, arguing who gets to hug you first.

After untangling yourself from the others, you step forward, trying to hide your smirk as Shawn grins at you, now standing by the couch. There's a moment of tension, a crackle of something between you two as you watch each other, like you're the only two people in the room.

He takes 3 strides and grabs the backs of your thighs, lifting you up and wrapping his arms around you. Your legs automatically curl around his waist and you snuggle your head into his shoulder. You missed it, all of it, him. 

Shawn spins around before putting you down and kissing the top of your head.

"You knew?" He asks Andrew with a smile. 

"Y/N called me yesterday and said she wanted to come down for tonight so we arranged it all as a surprise to cheer you up."

You frown, wait Shawn's been unhappy? Andrew hadn't mentioned that.

"Why were you down?"

Andrew answers instead.

"He's been missing you and his family, it's been a while since you two saw each other so I'm glad you called yesterday."

"Me too." Shawn murmurs in your ear. He takes your hand and turns to the rest of the room.

"Y/N and I are going to catch up, see you guys later."

The room erupts in whoops and wolf whistles, a few guys shout about being careful and using protection. You blush crimson red as Shawn flips them off and closes the door behind you two. 

The room next door is full of equipment with barely any space, but Shawn wastes no time and pulling you close and kissing you, properly this time. His mouth claims yours and you groan, wrapping your arms around his waist.

"I missed you so much." He says quietly, looking you in the eye.

"Me too Shawn, me too." 

He leans in to kiss you again, running his hand through your hair and cupping your cheek with his palm, his thumb caressing your face. You run your hands down his chest before slipping them under his hoodie, feeling his hard chest and warm skin. Shawn sighs deeply, kissing your neck, sucking and biting.

A bang on the door rips you two apart and you jump away from each other, blushing deeply.

"Soundcheck in 5 Shawn." A gruff voice yells through the door. Shawn shouts an "okay" back before kissing your cheek. He runs a hand through his hair and adjusts his hoodie.

"We're not done yet, we'll continue this later." And with that, he winks before pulling the door open and walking down the hall.

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