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Shawn's POV:

We met in this very club, it was a Thursday, an unusual night to be out, but I had nothing else to do and a few friends had dragged me out with promises of free drinks and hot girls. I hadn't been searching for anyone, really my focus had been to relax after a week of stressful songwriting. The late nights and early mornings in the studio trying to finalise this track had made me cranky. Something wasn't working with it though, no matter how much time I'd put in, so the lads had decided I needed to loosen up (and have a good lay) and so we headed out to the bar and hit the club.

She was wearing a silver sequin dress, way too overdressed for this type of bar. She was gorgeous, but not in that typical tall, skinny model kind of way. She had confidence, not interested in anyone in particular but relaxed, sitting on her own at the bar stool, minding her own business.

Our eyes met and I instantly knew I couldn't leave without her name. She beckoned me over with her finger and I slandered over to her. We chatted, mostly small talk but she seemed disinterested. However, me? I was enthralled by her captivating eyes and her laid back IDGAF attitude.

We spent most of the night talking so I took initiative and dragged her gorgeous ass onto the dance floor. The way she shook her hips could make any man sin. She danced like no one was watching and it was intoxicating. Under her spell, I danced with her, feeling the curves of her body and the sweat rolling off her back as we moved until the sun painted the sky in streaks of pink.

We stumbled, drunk and giggling into my hotel room for a night, or should I say early morning, of fun.

However, when I awoke, she was gone. Left in the early hours with only her number on the nightstand as a reminder of our night.

We met up for coffee that very afternoon, and she was more gorgeous that my drunk mind remembered, her hair cascading around her shoulders and her eyes twinkling with mischief.

We sat with our coffees, sipping silently, just basking in each other's presence when she fished her phone out of her pocket. She smiled at the screen and put the phone to her ear. She mouthed a nonchalant "sorry" before smiling as she spoke into the phone.

Instantly I felt confused, she flirted over the phone, saying all kinds of promises of exciting nights and romantic dates. She eventually hung up and turned to me. She pinched my cheeks and smiled.

"Don't be sad baby, you're not the only one but we have just as much fun."

Again, we ended up at my hotel room, in a fumble of clothes and bruised lips, we rediscovered each other's bodies in sober minds and watched the city go by.

She got up to go to the bathroom, wearing nothing and I watched her peachy butt as she swayed her hips for me. She blew a kiss and closed the bathroom door. Her phone buzzed again, indicating a message. I didn't mean to, honestly, but I looked. I saw it.

Can't wait to see you and that tight little body tonight x

I should have known, the calls, flirty eyes and relaxed attitude. Was she cheating? Was I her secret affair?

She came back in, wrapped in a towel and glistening from the shower.

"Are you with someone?" I blurted out before regretting it. Now she knew I'd seen her message. She laughed, sorting through her clothes.

"Baby, I don't belong to anyone. I do who I want, when I want."

After that, we spent different days and nights together, getting lost in each other's bodies and minds each time. I was an addict and she was my drug.

"I like you. More than I've liked most people." She said one night, as we ate room service in my hotel bedroom.


"I mean, I don't do relationships, I don't get attached. You don't ask for more. It works out fine."

But I did want more, I wanted the whole deal. She wasn't willing to commit, taking back her declarations of liking me instantly.

On one rare night, I spent alone because she told me she had commitments, I lay in bed watching TV.

A knock at the door interrupted my Friends marathon and I glanced at the clock. 2 AM. Who the hell could be knocking on my door at this time?

I opened it to her, her rosy cheeks flushed from the winter night.

"I think I like you more than friends, my love."

She pushed me into the room and kissed me, and I mean really kissed me. She showed me the meaning of kissing for your life and we ended up in my bed again.

"I can't stay." She mumbled as she slid out of bed, checking her phone and gathering up her clothes.

"Are you playing me? Is this a game? You just show up at my door say "love" at 2 AM for God's sakes, then tell me you can't stay?"

She sighed, shaking her head.

"I don't know Shawn."

"Look, I need to know if this" I motioned between us, "is mutual, before I go and way too involved."

"I- I don't know, I want all of you right now, I can't say for tomorrow. I told you I don't belong to anyone."

She got up and left, closing the door quietly behind her.

We didn't talk after that, I wondered if thoughts of commitment scared her away.

So here I am, back in the bar we first met. My eyes automatically drift to her bar stool but it's empty. I sigh. I take my phone out of my pocket and see her name on my screen, I open the message up.

Tonight? At yours?

I type a reply slowly.

Half of you's not enough for me.

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