Christmas Eve (Blurb)

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Snow falls thickly outside. White, glittering flakes settled on your window sill and you watch as they stick to the glass. Past the window, outside in the cold, people are running hurriedly through the streets, covering their faces from the oncoming storm. You absentmindedly snuggle further in the duvet, tuning back into the sound of the movie on TV inside your warm flat.

Your toes are toasty from the fire not far from your feet. Your hands are clasped in Shawn's big ones, keeping your fingers warm. Glancing around, you admire the decorations in your little flat, adorned with tinsel and ornaments. The fairy lights from the tree illuminate the room warmly, their yellow tone making it feel cosy. Turning to see Shawn's face, you smile, watching him absorbed in the movie. His eyes flicker across the screen, his mouth twitches, the corners turning up slightly, smirking.

"You're supposed to be watching the movie Y/N, not me."

Grinning at him, you laugh, you've been caught.

"You're more interesting."

Watching Shawn is fascinating, the way he frowns when the movie is sad and laughs when the characters do something dumb. But you're more in awe of this beautiful man beside you. And he's all yours.

Shawn turns and kisses you on the cheek. You sigh contentedly and rest your head on his shoulder.

"Merry Christmas Y/N."

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