Beach Days

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You'd been hanging out with Cameron and Shawn's old Magcon friends and you were actually having a lot of fun. You'd just finished your first year at uni and decided to join Shawn on the rest of his tour. He had performed in Miami the night before and now you had a spare day to nothing with him.

You decide to go to the beach because who doesn't love the beach?! Plus seeing Shawn shirtless was a gift from God. You're staying in a hotel about 3 blocks from the beach so you put on your bikini and sunscreen yourself while Shawn showers. You slip on a super cute red sundress and scroll through Twitter while waiting for Shawn to finish. You hear the water stop and the shower curtain pull back. There's some fumbling in the bathroom before the door opens and there he is. Shirtless and dripping wet. His dark curls are stuck to his forehead and little beads of water are dripping off them and onto his smooth chest. He stands in the doorway, just in a towel, while you admire him. He smirks as you bite your lip and he winks at you before grabbing his swim shorts and closing the bathroom door again.

You pack your bag and head for the door as Shawn emerges again, with messy towel dried hair and a t-shirt on. He slips on some trainers before putting his sunglasses on and taking your hand in his. His skin is cool and soft and you wrap your little fingers around his big hands.

You chat whilst walking to the beach, Shawn said that you guys are meeting a few of his friends there. You've become pretty familiar with his old friends like Cameron and Taylor. They're always fun to hang out with so you don't mind spending the day with them.

When you arrive, you lay down a towel in the beach as Shawn goes and pays for a parasol. You feel two arms wrap around your waist but it doesn't feel like Shawn. You laugh as you realise that Cameron is picking you up and spinning you around.

"Hey Y/N! Long time no see!" Cameron giggles as he puts you down. You guys had literally had dinner together the night before as a big group so you knew he was joking.

You push his shoulder slightly playfully before launching into some light banter between the two of you. You hear Shawn come back and put up the parasol. Suddenly you're covered in shade and Shawn comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist.

Taylor runs up behind Cameron and screams:

You laugh as you watch those two idiots run across the sand. Shawn pulls you in closer and kisses the top of your head. You wave back at Cameron who is practically drowning in the ocean from Taylor dunking him. Shawn tightens his hands around your waist again before letting go and grabbing your hand instead. He pulls you away from the parasol and your stuff until you're standing behind the little beach cafe. He pushes you up against the wall and pins you there with his hands on either side of your head. He is breathing heavily, his chest rising and falling under his t-shirt.

"I hate it when you ignore me Y/N." He says, in a low tone. Oh damn, you didn't mean to ignore Shawn but you enjoyed his friends' company and Cameron was such a charmer,  it's hard not to like him.

Shawn dips his head down and begins to kiss your neck. You lean to the side to give him better access and moan slightly. You're enjoying this attention, savouring the moment before Shawn suddenly bites down on your neck and you yelp.

"That's what you get for ignoring me." You bring your hand up to your neck and feel a very swollen hickey forming on it. Shawn kisses you again and smirks before grabbing your hand and pulling you back to the parasol.

When you get back there, Cameron and Taylor have ordered drinks. They look up when they see you and Shawn, eyebrows raised. Cameron sees the hickey on your neck and laughs.

"Damn, Shawn's possessive."

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